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Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game is a promoted as a game of skill and patience, but with a big scary twist at the end.

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Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game is a promoted as a game of skill and patience, but with a big scary twist at the end. While you've been expecting 3 hard levels of tricky hand-eye-coordination tests, in fact the level 3 ends up abruptly with having you jump-scared off your chair. The thing is this game is rather old one and if you consider yourself an avid gamer and a horror fan, chances are most likely you already played it. This is not a classic horror game that I usually put online on but since this game has been around for so long and became a classic, I wanted to pay tribute to it and dedicate a page for it. Despite the fact dark horror games were never intended for stupid games with zombies and simple jumpscares with cartoonish characters I still wanted to have this one as it is a part of horror gaming history in a certain way. img src="/images/game_review/scary-maze-level-3.jpg" title="Scary maze game: level 3 is the one with a surprize!">

So, the question is, what is scary maze game. When the first game appeared online, it was simple three stage game where you drag little blue dot through the maze until you reach the end and get to a next level. Nothing scary about that right? But, as the game goes on, levels get harder as the maze corridors gets narrower, so you need to put more and more attention to it in order to avoid touching the walls because that's what ends the game and that's what sets you back to the start. The point is that at the last 3rd level, when you almost reach the end, a large photo of a possessed girl from movie Exorcist pops up on the screen with screams and everything so you instantly get a huge jumpscare, which can literally throw you out of the chair, as you can see that in some videos posted on YouTube. The game is basically a prank that you can use on your friends, brothers, sisters or parents to scare the s*** out of them. This prank worked for years, so I don't know if it still works and that's why I wanted to check that out with you.

In terms of popularity, there's a good way to check certain game's or terms's popularity on Internet based on how many times during a month people tend to search for that keyword in Google. The tools is free and it's called google trends. I tried to compare the people's interest in 'scary maze' against search for 'horror games' and the results are amazing. It turns out that people still google it even after 10 years. You can check that by yourself if you follow this link. This information might not be interesting for you as a gamer, but it is essential if you ever planned on building your own horor website. The material you choose must follow pople's interests.

The fact that the initial game had so much success resulted in having tens of spin-offs, games based on the original with slight changes. That's why now you have sequals which are all basically the same original game. If you're interested in this you can check out others scary maze games on my other website This game on this page is the original, part 1.

I've mention the movie Exorcist, so let's have a few words about this as well.

The movie Exorcist has been released in 1973, and even today it's still scary as hell. The thing that scares me more than anything in this movie is when Regan starts going crazy, like her head starts spinning around, and yet no one's coming. If you are a true horror fan than I guess you must have seen this movie. It's a classic.

The Exorcist is about this young girl named Regan, who was played by Linda Blair. Regan lives with her mother. Over time Regan starts slowly becoming more evel and she stops becoming herself and you figure out that she's possed by the devil.

If you think the game sucks, you are probably right. It's not scary, it's dull, has no gameplay, way too simple and it's not even a game. It's a prank, a joke. You've been expected to have 4 levels, while there really are only 3 levels, because at the end of the third one you get punked. It might scary the shit out of you or the one you intended to trick, though. so the best part of this is watching other people's reactions on YouTube. Some kid's reactions are just priceless. Maybe you can film your younger brother or sister, or maybe your mother playing this game, and than catch they reaction on camera. I will be more than happy to publish that on dark horror games.

Best Scary Maze scenes on YouTube

Of course the best reaction all times ever, hands down, is a reaction of this dude who literally pissed his pants during the play.

The game also belongs to a group of so called 'internet screamers'. It was originally made by Jeremy Winterrowd. His website looks a little bit outdated right now, but it still works: Read also more about this on Wikipedia: about jump scare.

motormanmotorman : scares,.,,

ChochiPROChochiPRO : i just scared my cousin back in 2014.. He was even crying :/

JDGhostJDGhost : Ehhhh still not scared :/ still pretty cool tho

KittensAreEvilKittensAreEvil : I remember this was popular in my high school around 2006, everyone was sending each other screamer pranks.

Thorinwolf_3000Thorinwolf_3000 : It freaked my POOH XD LOL

maltheweebdemonmaltheweebdemon : Almost got me there. Wish there was a way to beat the game though

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : very scray

insxcurityinsxcurity : 10/10 best game ive played

Rose_MikuRose_Miku : I scared my best friend with this game! ~Rose Miku

ScientistScientist : Classic.

Rose_MikuRose_Miku : Ahhhhh!~ How Spoopy.....NOT! XD <3 Rose Miku

MemeKitty16MemeKitty16 : lmao i kinda like this xD

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : i have to admit, it ALMOST got me. i would say if it ALmost got me, cause (spoiler alert) it didn't

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : baaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm a thing from the excorsist!! Fear Me!

thecrazyonethecrazyone : whelp... scared me a little but not that scary haha

cordeliacordelia : I wish this was a game you could actually beat.

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : while doing this gameplay...i realized this game is... FUCKIN' STUPED

darkdark : you should see only one scary image at the end only, by the end of 3rd level

scary_kidscary_kid : I don't see the scary images popping up is this only happening to me ? lol I know this game, I played it few years ago and I know how shitty but cool this game actually is

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : Oh shit, this always scares the hell out of me XP

darkdark : of course it's a shitty game. it's a scary maze. it's a prank. i've put it just because it's a part of the history. won't do that again though :)

Sake_of_the_SilkieSake_of_the_Silkie : This turns me on. Just kidding.

scary_kidscary_kid : uhmm, nothing scary happens when I touch the walls ?

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : this game is preety shitty,but the scare got me gud. is this made out of scratch?

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  • avatar
    motorman (275) - 2023-08-13, 15:20

  • avatar
    ChochiPRO (1641) - 2020-07-27, 09:35
    i just scared my cousin back in 2014.. He was even crying :/

  • avatar
    JDGhost (85) - 2019-04-17, 00:02
    Ehhhh still not scared :/ still pretty cool tho

  • avatar
    KittensAreEvil (207) - 2018-09-20, 02:00
    I remember this was popular in my high school around 2006, everyone was sending each other screamer pranks.

  • avatar
    Thorinwolf_3000 (37) - 2018-04-26, 19:01
    It freaked my POOH XD LOL

  • avatar
    maltheweebdemon (642) - 2018-04-08, 22:24
    Almost got me there. Wish there was a way to beat the game though

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-03-18, 13:46
    very scray

  • avatar
    insxcurity (219) - 2018-02-10, 21:13
    10/10 best game ive played

  • avatar
    Rose_Miku (2391) - 2017-11-23, 06:18
    I scared my best friend with this game! ~Rose Miku

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2017-10-21, 06:25

  • avatar
    Rose_Miku (2391) - 2017-08-26, 16:59
    Ahhhhh!~ How Spoopy.....NOT! XD <3 Rose Miku

  • avatar
    MemeKitty16 (381) - 2017-08-17, 05:58
    lmao i kinda like this xD

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-06-18, 10:58
    i have to admit, it ALMOST got me.

    i would say if it ALmost got me, cause (spoiler alert) it didn't

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