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Cellar Door

Cellar Door
This game takes a while to load, but is one of the more heavily advertised game.
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Cellar Door

This game takes a while to load, but is one of the more heavily advertised game. The soundtrack is very good because it has that Amityville scary feel to it. You have to navigate your way out of a cellar, and you may be fooled into thinking this is a live action game, but it is actually a point-and-click game with a dynamic interface. The people on the game look as if they have been recorded via video camera, and you are able to move the screen up, down, left and right as if you were in a live action game. It is easy to jump right into. The writing on the screen game is clearly visible to read and not overly long.

How to play

point & click

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : I'll miss this game.

ChochiPROChochiPRO : weird game...

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : After years, I finally found all the stinky marbles. YES.

JasonBergJasonBerg : Just OK.

basmalabachabasmalabacha : really good game, but the ending like really ughhhh!

monbebemonbebe : what's with the ending??

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : eh..

ShadeShade : 0-0 i hate windows now. Someone yelled at me to jump and i about pissed myself

KeanSooHighKeanSooHigh : Nice game

thecrazyonethecrazyone : dont know how to feel about this game, but that it was ohk

MarklawrenceMarklawrence : What Ever

ʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶ : What even was that ending. o_o

elcanoelcano : boring

cordeliacordelia : Clicking "share the truth" didn't seem to do much. :/ Not sure what I'm supposed to do now. Anything or..?

cordeliacordelia : I don't really "get" the ending though. Anyone?

cordeliacordelia : Yes! Finally found them all. :)

cordeliacordelia : Lovely game though

cordeliacordelia : I keep getting LOST somehow xD

ButtercupButtercup : What a movement game

xkcszxkcsz : The woman in the intro is sexy n' hot.

Priestess XyrryPriestess Xyrry : Just found 7 marbles -_- Where're others? :(

Priestess XyrryPriestess Xyrry : This internet connection really sucks! Badtrip haha!

Priestess XyrryPriestess Xyrry : Feeling nervous when I read comments lol! Loading=sucks :( -_- Low network connection HAHA :)

DarkAngel1999DarkAngel1999 : I found 5 for a score of 5,000 points. I heard somebody singing during the game. I wonder if it was the gost of that little girl I saw. :\

serialzeroserialzero : @kusobakachan I haven't been able to finish it yet. I may have to consult a guide at some point just so I can see what the ending is like. XD

kusobakachankusobakachan : who ever has passed this game how? XD

kusobakachankusobakachan : you know what im done. im scared XD ths game actually got me scared . yea this is a no for me since i get scared. you should try it out.

LaughingOtterLaughingOtter : Another oldie but goodie. I've played this a number of times, and as far as I know, there are eleven marbles actually placed within this game. There may be more.

serialzeroserialzero : I wonder if the crawling girl on the "wake up" screen is stock from a pre-existing film, or if they took the time to film their own spooky ghost girl?

scary_kidscary_kid : hmmm, okay , I found them all, btw I've read on the internet if you enter your real phone number you will recieve a text message, well, I've entered (curiosity) and nothing happened :D

scary_kidscary_kid : The screaming-girl scared the hell out of me ! It's a cool game, definitely one of the scariest games here, but also it's a bit difficult, idk for you guys but I can't find all marbles ... :(

DaedraDaedra : kk no more horror games to my today o.o

ScientistScientist : Good game. When i saw that guy on the stairs I didn't really got scared instead i was so:Oh..Hello buttler sir ghost thingy...

D3RK_KNIGHTD3RK_KNIGHT : awwww too great

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : Great effects, great graphics,very scary, perfect game! I'm playing this and listening Onibi series, something is telling me that i won't sleep tonight xD

Puppy-LowePuppy-Lowe : This game is sooooo creepy... Man I dont know how I kept myself from screaming. You have done a great job thats for sure thanks for making me think twice for even going to the bathroom :p Wow

serialzeroserialzero : Definitely successful at being creepy as hell. I remember playing this on my Android awhile back. Experienced a few new things this time around. The voice at the window scared the crap out of me. Still haven't found all the marbles though. They're hidden really well. XD

cute_but_scarycute_but_scary : i saw when pewdiepie played this game, he was quite horrified

HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat : takes a while to load but definitely worth playing uwu

ScarecrowScarecrow : I had to stop because it was too creepy lol.

xxgeekygurl86xxgeekygurl86 : Creeped Out:3

HeavyMetalHeroHeavyMetalHero : These guys nailed it! Genuinely eerie and ominous. The audio's fantastic too which every good horror game needs. Weren't any negatives for me :)

PurpleBrittanyPurpleBrittany : I'm never going to be able to sleep or be alone at night ever again.

PurpleBrittanyPurpleBrittany : This game frightens me. I don't like this!

kaoruh_12kaoruh_12 : ok im nervous to play now tht I read the comments...

CreepyalexCreepyalex : *girl crawls towards me* NOPE NOPE NOPE! I have an empty bottle to my left and I'm not afraid to use it!

mimimomaanmimimomaan : This is creepy.

Captain KawaiiCaptain Kawaii : this game is creepy

KevShin007KevShin007 : enough internet 4 today

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  • avatar
    Joseph Kay (1087) - 2021-02-02, 20:18
    I'll miss this game.

  • avatar
    ChochiPRO (1641) - 2020-07-27, 09:47
    weird game...

  • avatar
    Joseph Kay (1087) - 2019-06-29, 03:44
    After years, I finally found all the stinky marbles. YES.

  • avatar
    JasonBerg (890) - 2019-02-27, 00:28
    Just OK.

  • avatar
    basmalabacha (34) - 2019-01-01, 14:32
    really good game, but the ending like really ughhhh!

  • avatar
    monbebe (40) - 2018-07-23, 12:10
    what's with the ending??

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-03-19, 18:15

  • avatar
    Shade (457) - 2018-03-05, 00:30
    0-0 i hate windows now. Someone yelled at me to jump and i about pissed myself

  • avatar
    KeanSooHigh (125) - 2017-09-17, 15:01
    Nice game

  • avatar
    thecrazyone (3147) - 2017-06-19, 21:17
    dont know how to feel about this game, but that it was ohk

  • avatar
    Marklawrence (109) - 2016-11-03, 06:27
    What Ever

  • avatar
    ʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶ (2326) - 2016-11-01, 17:59
    What even was that ending. o_o

  • avatar
    elcano (429) - 2016-10-06, 14:39

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