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Outlast for PS4 - Review
Posted by: dark, 2014-03-14, 14:55 - 0 comments

Outlast is the first game made by Red Barrel and is also one of the first if not the first horror game for the PlayStation 4.
Outlast is a game that gives the player only three options when playing. Run, hide or die

Starting with Google (plus) page
Posted by: dark, 2014-01-23, 08:09 - 1 comments

Not really sure if this is going to help to increase Dark Horror Games presence on the Internet, and I really don't care. 
I was just thinking that maybe some user might prefer Google+ over Facebook to follow new games and other stuff I publish on DHG.

As you might already know this is Dark Horror Games Facebook page.

and this is our new Dark Horror Games Google+ Page.

so you can pick whichever suits you the best. I will really try to keep the content updated on this pages. 

Registration problem fixed (finally!)
Posted by: dark, 2014-01-03, 14:54 - 1 comments

I wasn't aware of the huge problem in registration script until one of the users contacted me on our Facebook page. 
It is fixed and should be working well now.

It must have been very frustrating experience not being able to find activation link to complete the registration process so I truly apologize for all of the inconveniences caused. 

Anyways, all users who registered with valid email addresses will gain instant access to the website. There was a mass email dispatched to all users explaining the same.

Thanks Kevin,


PC game review of Slender: The Arrival

Early this century a legend was born, a legend, full of intrigue and photo shopping, which has scared the crap out of people all across the world. What started out as a friendly competition on the forums of the website, Bloody Disgusting, turned into, arguably, the first internet urban legend. The competition was designed to see who could create the scariest photos and post them on the forum.

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