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Zombie Games

Zombie Games: The Games for the Brave

zombie games online

Zombie games have always been a popular genre since time memorial. Zombies have this little something about them that players get drawn to. Some players wanted to crush them and defeat them because of their scary nature. Others would like to put them back to the underworld where they truly belong. And still for the few others, they are content with taking down every single one of them with a very special weapon they own. Even kids can play around zombies these days, as there are several kid-friendly versions of it now too. Indeed, undead have grown to be unmistakable game characters that are impossible to ignore.

Who would like to take on a zombie anyway?

Players who are brave enough to face them and defeat them are the ones. Encountering soulless walking corpse in real life is not possible. They can only be seen in movies, urban legends, and make-believe stories. Yet they have this scary and mysterious air around them that can't be denied. Players who are fascinated about flesh-eaters are the ones who have the heart to play a game that is inspired by them.

Different Zombie Games

Whether online or offline, there are many zombie games that are available for free or paid play. Note that paid versions are quite popular too. One of the most popular today is Plants versus Zombies. This is a cute mobile game that can be played by kids. It's not gory or scary at all. As a matter of fact, it is able to achieve the right formula of being engaging, challenging, and kid-friendly at the same time. Zombie games for kids is not really popular until Plants vs. Zombies came along. It started as a free for the iPad. Eventually, there became a version of it for almost all other platforms.

Resident Evil versus Zombie Lane

As for the paid versions, one has yet to surpass the popularity of Resident Evil. This game franchise is exclusively made for the Sony PlayStation and became so popular that there were several versions created for it, not to mention a series of full-action movies as well. Resident Evil can only be played on a PlayStation. However, the title has to be purchased before players get to enjoy it. But of course, there is a plethora of free online games under the genre of the walking dead. Zombie Lane is one example, along with the other popular ones such as Decision 2 New City, Dead Valley, and The Last Stand Union City. There are hundreds of titles available online so feel free to browse along.

Are you ready for the challenge?

zombie games online

Where else can one be given the chance to beat all the bad zombies and be the hero of humankind? Join in the fun and play them today. Download into your computer and enjoy it offline. Or simply play it from your browser for a hassle-free gaming experience. Satisfy your unique inkling to eliminate all zombies and the undead, which will do nothing but to harm the earth and all the people living in it.

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