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Undead Isle

Undead Isle
Undead Isle is a survival Unity game featuring zombies, where you explore the insides of a haunted mansion.
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Undead Isle

Undead Isle is a survival Unity game featuring zombies, where you explore the insides of a haunted mansion.

The mansion is simply creepy, very old with an old furniture, piano and pictures. Long hallways with broken mirrors and ragged draperies. In the background you hear a creepy music, door cracking and an echo of your own footsteps. Along each hallway there are doors leading into rooms. Zombies show up suddenly and they are completely silent. Any weapon you use on zombies is equally efficient, either the gun or the sward. This is one of the best unity horror games in 2013. Try to find all 8 health packs and all 3 kinds of weapons.

Undead Isle


Great atmosphere and very high level of details. The insides of the house are very realistic and 3D modeling was done impeccably.

Undead Isle


The game starts somewhat abruptly, without any real introduction. The curiosity is the moving force which makes the player explore the mansion, but is from the very beginning without any real motivation and direction. Form the first encounter with zombies, your only driving force will be simply the instinct for self preservation. Anyway, some introductory story would make all the difference. As is, we can only assume that we are again dealing with a lonely island where some human experiments went terribly wrong. Most players would agree that there are too few objects you can interact with. At the moment undead Isle Chapter 2 is in making, and the developers from Martian Games will get the opportunity to address all these downsides.


  • W
    or arrow keys to walk
  • E
    action/pickup object
  • aim/shoot
  • M
    mute audio (why would you want to do that? )
  • go back to main menu/quit
  • jump
Undead Isle

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  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (682) - 2016-03-17, 02:32
    But Its Not Scaryy...

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (682) - 2016-02-11, 09:45
    you all players do you want to make friendship

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (682) - 2016-02-10, 02:48
    I totally Completed This game !!

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (682) - 2016-02-10, 02:45
    Nice Game !!

  • avatar
    Scientist (2333) - 2015-11-30, 15:36
    Ok this one works i think the newer ones don't work but the old ones.

  • avatar
    KyubiGirl (142) - 2015-09-07, 04:56
    this games oh my god now i know why pewdiepie screaming all the time wow really

  • avatar
    JaneTheKiller (871) - 2015-08-19, 12:35
    That's a great game!

  • avatar
    scary_kid (4871) - 2015-07-28, 14:00
    yep, it's a cool game but I suck at it xD

  • avatar
    Scientist (2333) - 2015-04-14, 12:05
    Did anyone miss the slendy easter egg?

  • avatar
    serialzero (3834) - 2015-01-07, 13:55
    Holy crap, this game is awesome. Really good graphics, colors, and sound. Controls are great, and I love all the extra details such as fall damage and items hidden underwater. My only complaint is that you can't hear enemies approaching, but I suppose that's probably the point of being aware of your surroundings at all times. X3

  • avatar
    rainbowsgoboom (742) - 2014-11-08, 23:46
    oh yay, I am excited to play

  • avatar
    s3n (1260) - 2014-09-05, 13:22
    zombie,giant monster ...this game is just wow

  • avatar
    z0mb13t0x1n (59) - 2014-09-02, 01:29
    I rather enjoyed this game, it runs smooth, decent ammo, monsters to always keep you on your toes, first time I seen those giant scorpions I was like WTH!! lol but this is one of my favorites to play on this site.

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