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The House 2

The House 2
This game has a lot of the visuals and audio elements of mainstream horror games.
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The House 2

This game has a lot of the visuals and audio elements of mainstream horror games. It is a point-and-click game, but it is set up rather well. The creators have clearly done a lot of work to get you to invest in the game’s story. And, the point-and-click elements are rather good. For example, a small light switch needs to have your mouse pointer correctly aimed before it works for you. There are also small obvious but well integrated items around a room for you to click on. As these games go, you can tell the creators have tried their bets. Oh, and FYI, keep banging on the door in order to get past the first bit.

ChochiPROChochiPRO : I saw this game from PewDiePie.. But still scary tho..

Raiden6696Raiden6696 : attempts to download a file and never loads

basmalabachabasmalabacha : still loading!!!!

thecrazyonethecrazyone : what in the what

spoopybirbbspoopybirbb : how do you get out of the living room?

black_camper1black_camper1 : I can't play any games

JasonBergJasonBerg : Interesting... Jump scares. No real puzzles just click over and over.

uglyninjauglyninja : <script>alert("H4CK3D LOL");</script>

fluttershyfluttershy : i dont read cursive

fluttershyfluttershy : oh my god aaaaaaaaaaa so scary

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : :>

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : so sploppery.. such spoop much T H I C C

ellababyellababy : the ending is sad why would they do that

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : This game isn't scary at all! oh-uhhh, i mean... AAAAAAAAAa scariest game ever :)


krizxckrizxc : done.. it's not that scary

krizxckrizxc : can;t escape at bathroom

Burning Godzilla MattBurning Godzilla Matt : Can't even FUCKING PLAY IT

RZLRZL : aint scare me yet

MemeKitty16MemeKitty16 : Gah it won't work keep re loading the dang screen

Mysterious_Killer_1Mysterious_Killer_1 : Scared the shit outta me, kinda stumped at a part

thecrazyonethecrazyone : not bad i guess

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : no one DARE to enter the house, are you? the developer shouln't go in there. He should go back to school. (no hate)

xCessxCess : this game is so fucking fuck

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : i used to play this game A LOT when i was like 20.. i didn't have any experience with horror games back then, and i had the feeling of playing outlast now.Looking back to it, it's not scary,just a bit creepy in my opinion.'cause the amount of H games i've played is HUGE due to my youtube channel. Sorry for the comment length, but if you're still reading, i'll tell you one thing: wow, you REALLY dont get bored huh? HOW? CAN YOU TEACH ME PREETY PLEASE???????

PainePaine : why isn't it loading

NewgroundsNewgrounds : poopoo balls

NewgroundsNewgrounds : My Character is supposed to be a weedle!

NewgroundsNewgrounds : AAAAH OH SHIT!

DenitermedDenitermed : I didn't really find this game scary. More annoying all you do is repeatedly click the same objects. :3

AleksAleks : then click on the picture again

AleksAleks : then click on the note on the chair

AleksAleks : once the ghost pops up she will drop a note

AleksAleks : and u have to click the light switch to

AleksAleks : you have to keep clicking the picture and the paper

elcanoelcano : what is the special room ?

elcanoelcano : so scary

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : During in the working room i thought i broked the light while clicking it soo many times

zaidRANGERzaidRANGER : Lol, i'm stuck at the living room..

ButtercupButtercup : Wow, i had a special room! i remember the game lol. i couldn't believe this!!!

RitsuNamineQRitsuNamineQ : Does anyone know why it won't load anymore?

cordeliacordelia : @scary_kid That vacation comment cracked me up! ;P

scary_kidscary_kid : I guess this game took a vacation :D (not loading) :/

cordeliacordelia : I'm getting the white screen too! :(

darkdove15darkdove15 : ugh it wont load

ScientistScientist : Ahhhh the good old classic point n' click- the house/2. Well i think i don't have to say much cause it's classic.★★★★★

orchiidaorchiida : decent graphics and pictures. the crawling was good if it was a little bit more fluid and came more toward the camera in a realistic style. best jump scare was the hanging woman. tHe repeated clicking of same objects wasn't very pleasing, and actually took away from the focus of the scare. overall, decent.

shady580shady580 : it wont play just a white screen

iwantaponyiwantapony : Fail.

DaedraDaedra : meh :o

Pyramid HeadPyramid Head : I like the game, but it's really annoying how you have to spam-click on whatever can be clicked on to see an effect, especially in the bathroom. It took me like 10 minutes of clicking and waiting to complete the level and go to the next one. I prefer the prequel.

shosho_eseshosho_ese : boring

omishaomisha : loadingggggggg

horrorfreak123horrorfreak123 : so cool

PsychosocialPsychosocial : nothing...but the heart attacks ._.

KatieMotionlessKatieMotionless : THE MUSIC MAnnn o3o

KatieMotionlessKatieMotionless : Um... Anybody else have a heart attack the WHOLE way thru?

serialzeroserialzero : @sskyes... That would be an awesome feature. There are a few games on here I would definitely do that to. By the way, love your profile pic. XD

sskyessskyes : This is awful. Can we rate in negatives? -_-

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : I'm not and never going to play this.

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : I quit.

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : Eww,What a game.ugh.

serialzeroserialzero : Ugh. I'll give this game a few creepy visuals, but clicking blindly and waiting for something to happen is very tedious and not very enjoyable, to be honest.

Stefan2806Stefan2806 : Cool game !!

ThisIsBatman101ThisIsBatman101 : oh heck nah im in the bathroom and i am scared to open that SHOWER CURTIN!!!!

ThisIsBatman101ThisIsBatman101 : how do i get out of the living room!!! need help plz

KevShin007KevShin007 : i WANT THEHOUSE3

DmonicExorcist66DmonicExorcist66 : i thought it was fun

Entire SkysEntire Skys : Fuck this shit! Lol Too scery

Lord LegenderLord Legender : im stuck in the living room

cute_but_scarycute_but_scary : scary!!

Silent KillerSilent Killer : I already played this several times and the scary part is when the sound gets louder, it freaks me out!

AllyptuaxxxAllyptuaxxx : whats the code for the safe room? anyone

AllyptuaxxxAllyptuaxxx : im playing with my headphones on and im not scared

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : Don't play this game at night with headphones.

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : OH my!It scared me !

AliceAlice : It seems to me that the second part is more terrible than the first. Very good.

ScarecrowScarecrow : I loved this one.

emokittylove5501emokittylove5501 : cant figure out the work room

SweetAceQSweetAceQ : Nice and simple game, loved the jump scares ^.^

mimimomaanmimimomaan : I like this game. It was so easy but it scares me.

mikasaaackermanmikasaaackerman : I really like this game.

anime girlanime girl : Oh my god!! Yes! It was good, but I already knew what was going to that ruined the affect. :-(

JaneTheKillerJaneTheKiller : I love this game .

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  • avatar
    ChochiPRO (1186) - 2020-07-27, 09:11
    I saw this game from PewDiePie.. But still scary tho..

  • avatar
    Raiden6696 (12) - 2019-03-29, 19:01
    attempts to download a file and never loads

  • avatar
    basmalabacha (34) - 2019-01-04, 00:20
    still loading!!!!

  • avatar
    thecrazyone (3147) - 2018-12-18, 23:17
    what in the what

  • avatar
    spoopybirbb (1828) - 2018-10-22, 22:18
    how do you get out of the living room?

  • avatar
    black_camper1 (10) - 2018-08-26, 04:48
    I can't play any games

  • avatar
    JasonBerg (890) - 2018-06-21, 04:49
    Interesting... Jump scares. No real puzzles just click over and over.

  • avatar
    uglyninja (14) - 2018-05-05, 10:23
    <script>alert("H4CK3D LOL");</script>

  • avatar
    fluttershy (100) - 2018-05-02, 00:36
    i dont read cursive

  • avatar
    fluttershy (100) - 2018-05-02, 00:33
    oh my god aaaaaaaaaaa so scary

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-03-19, 19:07

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2944) - 2018-01-21, 11:48
    so sploppery..
    such spoop much T H I C C

  • avatar
    ellababy (42) - 2018-01-18, 03:04
    the ending is sad why would they do that

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