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The Horror House

The Horror House
This game is very similar to 'The House 2', except it does not seem to be as well made.
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The Horror House

This game is very similar to 'The House 2', except it does not seem to be as well made. You are left in a black and white house with a scary soundtrack in the background and are forced to explore each room and the things within it. There are dynamic shadows that come across as ghostly, and swarms of flies moving around. Your job is to figure out what went on in the house and find out why it is in such as state, and find out what bad things happened within. You have to trigger events in order to make the game continue on and solve the mysteries within the house.

JDGhostJDGhost : Considering I'm not easy to scare, I didn't jump once. :/ still a good story line though

HoofedCoderHoofedCoder : Hmmm... it's good and a little scary

savedeadaysavedeaday : it is really boring

savedeadaysavedeaday : idk how to play this game

savedeadaysavedeaday : scary sounds 0.0

savedeadaysavedeaday : is it boring?

MileskorvMileskorv : The only creepy of this is the music

darkjewelzdarkjewelz : The controls on the game aren't working.

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : not scray... :/

thecrazyonethecrazyone : it wasnt that scary

Secretly SatanSecretly Satan : Kinda boring. All you do is stay in a spot and rapidly click things to make something happen.

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : it's not scary

insxcurityinsxcurity : idk, this was pretty boring and not scary at all, 2/10

LithiumLithium : Really boring ...

Made.By.LuciferMade.By.Lucifer : Pretty fkn lit!

MarklawrenceMarklawrence : Woow Cool

sunilpokhriyalsunilpokhriyal : Awesome and Scary game with headphones. Here is my gameplay on Youtube

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : Wow This is a good game!

fatinannfatinann : how do you play this game? how to move?

ButtercupButtercup : Enjoying the creepy music but this game ain't really my favorite

xkcszxkcsz : Playing this game muted while enjoying religious music...

goldendestinygoldendestiny : wasn't so scary at alll though the ending was nice ........... but i expected scarier :(

ClaryWantsToSeeBloodClaryWantsToSeeBlood : meh

cordeliacordelia : Eh, not my fave. Good creepy music though.

AbadAbad : The Game's cool! Eerie soundtrack and atmosphere. loved it!

MarcelinoMarcelino : nice game so creepy

Made.By.LuciferMade.By.Lucifer : This was actually the first horro-game I've plyed on this site! It wasn't so well made to be honest, the jump-scares we're ok but the details wasn't the good! It was almost like more silly than scary...

CockroachVomitCockroachVomit : Well, it was better than "I Miss You" and I'll give it some slack for being 10 years old, according to the last bit... But really, very tedious and mindless gameplay for a few weak jumpscares. At least there was kind of a story going on here... I suppose.

RyeRazeRyeRaze : Dumb game. Just click repeatedly on the same random things and jumpscares ensue. Not scary, predictable, and repetitive.


hamidcorehamidcore : Wooooo so creepy man :/

Smile_DogSmile_Dog : it froze when i was fun i wanted to play

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : vey creppy, The effects and the story are very good, but i think that this game need something more...idk

Gaia2007Gaia2007 : @_@ God sooo creepy.....

serialzeroserialzero : The music sounds like it's ripped from a horror movie. >_>

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : The jumpscares didn't scared me that time.But my reaction was like,"Eww what a awful game!".

Vincent Bishop FNAFVincent Bishop FNAF : This was one of the 1st horror game I've played in this website and in my life.

serialzeroserialzero : Visuals and sound effects are pretty good. I find these fixed screen games kind of tedious though. I hate not being able to move around and explore at my leisure. Instead, I'm stuck on a single screen, clicking on things a million times, hoping something will happen. >_>

scary_kidscary_kid : it's ok ... not scary at all

Sucubus NightmareSucubus Nightmare : It´s not a good game =p

MisakiPureBloodMisakiPureBlood : Lol XD at the end, I thought I'll be prepared.. that was so shock!!

KevShin007KevShin007 : not bad

Lord LegenderLord Legender : Not as good as the horror house 2, but still awesome!

rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom : haha I ended up jumping most of the time except for the corridor I covered my eyes

cute_but_scarycute_but_scary : the corridor was scary as hell !!!!!!!!!!!

cute_but_scarycute_but_scary : omg!!! oo -

z0mb13t0x1nz0mb13t0x1n : It was alright, when I first played it ages ago it game me jumps but that's not the case now since I am so used to it. Lol

Masterblaster12Masterblaster12 : 4 of 5 too many clicks

haru994haru994 : Gave me the scares in each room!

AliceAlice : Great game!

Miksu75Miksu75 : One of the best horror game. This is funny. ;D

Mrs MinecraftMrs Minecraft : soooo cool! best game ever! (not best ever)

mimimomaanmimimomaan : The music makes the game more scary.

SakuraFujioSakuraFujio : i dont get the idea.....

MaryNightmareMaryNightmare : Way scary fun but made me jump a million times every time I played.

MINERNOLANMINERNOLAN : This game has a lot of scary jumpscares. The music is nice :)

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  • avatar
    JDGhost (85) - 2019-04-17, 00:00
    Considering I'm not easy to scare, I didn't jump once. :/ still a good story line though

  • avatar
    HoofedCoder (34) - 2019-02-17, 17:22
    Hmmm... it's good and a little scary

  • avatar
    savedeaday (64) - 2018-06-19, 13:53
    it is really boring

  • avatar
    savedeaday (64) - 2018-06-19, 13:52
    idk how to play this game

  • avatar
    savedeaday (64) - 2018-06-19, 13:51
    scary sounds 0.0

  • avatar
    savedeaday (64) - 2018-06-19, 13:50
    is it boring?

  • avatar
    Mileskorv (140) - 2018-05-14, 23:00
    The only creepy of this is the music

  • avatar
    darkjewelz (124) - 2018-05-01, 18:15
    The controls on the game aren't working.

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3625) - 2018-03-19, 18:38
    not scray... :/

  • avatar
    thecrazyone (3147) - 2017-06-19, 21:22
    it wasnt that scary

  • avatar
    Secretly Satan (152) - 2017-05-10, 05:31
    Kinda boring.
    All you do is stay in a spot and rapidly click things to make something happen.

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2725) - 2017-05-08, 16:50
    it's not scary

  • avatar
    insxcurity (219) - 2017-03-04, 02:31
    idk, this was pretty boring and not scary at all, 2/10

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