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Slender The Nine Pages

Slender The Nine Pages
Try to collect 9 pages in the dark underground corridors before Slender Man finds you.
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Slender The Nine Pages

Slender The Nine Pages game info

Try to collect 9 pages in the dark underground corridors before Slender Man finds you. Slender Nine Pages

This is yet another version of Slender Man, rather high quality one. Some even say that this is actually the scariest Slende rMan game so far. On DarkHorrorGames site you get to play an online Unity version, but there are also offline versions for PC and Mac which can be downloaded free of charge.

Developer Petrzmax had decided to keep verified horror elements in the game, for example the white noise on your screen when Slender is somewhere in the vicinity. If we combine that with the flash light which loses contact from time to time and leaves you in the complete darkness, we get the recipe for a guaranteed jumpscare accompanied with an adrenalin rush.

About the Game

The game takes place in the basement which is huge, made of exact same rooms and long claustrophobic concrete corridors. It resembles a labyrinth, so the map could be useful here, but there is none. The player can run (shift) but not for long, because he/she gets tired very fast and starts to walk again. Rooms are mostly empty other that occasional cabinet or stacked wooden boxes. You can hear only yourself breathing and steps echoing in the empty corridors. The game is made as an escape game, because besides those pages, you have to find the key too. It opens one very rusty old door which leads to freedom. The game can be played in the survival mode or somewhat harder hardcore survival mode.

Shocking Slenderman message

One of the first messages I have found said 'He will rape you'. With so many brutal ways to end your existence in a horror game, this is rather weird choice of words for a threatening message. It is in any case inappropriate if we keep in mind who plays Slender Man games in the first place. Other messages are much more conventional and still threatening enough like 'He has no eyes', 'He will eat you', although that is not very usual either.

Slender Nine Pages


  • Pages change their location when you restart the game but one stays always in the cabinet
  • Never stay long in one place always keep moving
  • After you have found page 6 SlenderMan will be constantly close by
  • When you come across SlenderMan just turn around and run in the opposite direction, don't just stand there staring at him.


  • W
  • E
    pick up/collect things
  • F
    turn on/off light
  • look around

Slender Nine Pages Walkthrough on YouTube by Markiplier

Slender Nine Pages: Slenderman

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  • avatar
    Allondra22 (122) - 2014-09-30, 16:44
    X3 I was playing this at school and everyone watching was freaked out. When I met slendy on this they screamed and I laughed and was just all like hai slendy :3

  • avatar
    cute_but_scary (315) - 2014-09-30, 01:00
    markiplier was going to die :P

  • avatar
    cute_but_scary (315) - 2014-09-30, 00:57
    best slender game i love it :)

  • avatar
    dark (2927) - 2014-07-10, 14:53
    Glad you liked it and thanks for the support!

  • avatar
    Entire_Skys (274) - 2014-07-01, 15:59
    Dude, this game is freaking awesome! :) I get jumpscared still after playing it a thousand times :D lol gotta love some slender man :)

  • avatar
    MaddieBeat (544) - 2014-05-31, 11:16
    I still have jump scares even when my headphones aren't on.

  • avatar
    MINERNOLAN (328) - 2014-05-24, 11:45
    Freaky game

  • avatar
    glitch36 (441) - 2014-04-01, 14:56
    a good game its creeps me out when the jump scare happens

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