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Silent Hill Room 304

Silent Hill Room 304
This game has clearly tried to imitate the feeling of the silent hill games.
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Silent Hill Room 304

This game has clearly tried to imitate the feeling of the silent hill games. It is a point-and-click game where you click on a certain spot in order to move to the next screen. Clearly, a lot of work has gone into the soundtrack, as it is probably the best part of the game. You have to find keys hidden in rooms in order to visit certain places, or release people who are locked in rooms. The idea is reminiscent of the early Resident evil games, but it is just a point-and-click game with different scenes to visit and try. It is a nice ten-minute diversion.

Need a 'Silent Hill 304' walkthrough?

There are four keys: one in a basement, another one on the wall of the room 306, 3rd one is in the toilet, and the last one is in the woods next to the crosswords...The computers' password is ?=:@

MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 : Anyone else find the cabin part a little sad??

MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 : Well... that was an unexpected ending.

FloraFloFloraFlo : i dont know why but i found it a lil sad

queenbeepink24queenbeepink24 : ive completed this game :)

queenbeepink24queenbeepink24 : password is ?=:@

dark skydark sky : god ther any one nows the computer password

JasonBergJasonBerg : Decent game. A couple stupid jump scares got me.

monbebemonbebe : this game was pretty alright :)

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : E H H . . .

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : 00H me like to replay nice big boi game. Or Is it even nice?

BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : ım dont talk 4 star

Fallen_angel237Fallen_angel237 : Okay first I absolutely loved this game but twist is well expected <3

apple123456789apple123456789 : I loved this game but I don't comprend the final part when I come back to Adrian

HorrorIsLifeHorrorIsLife : I loved it but the ending when you find out about Adrian's family is sad and the ending it's self is a plot twist

Xeno_MorphingXeno_Morphing : I really couldn't get far... Because I don't understand what I'm supposed to do.

Rose_MikuRose_Miku : I'm honestly freaked out XD ~Rose Miku

Rose_MikuRose_Miku : Gives me the eerie feeling, I like it :) ~Rose Miku

bambinabambina : so creepy, I hadn't heard anything about this game before playing it so it was surprising. I liked the ending a lot even though it was a slow start for me trying to find a key for like 20 min

lightlight : Nice twist.

krizxckrizxc : DAMN! That Adrian..

RitsuNamineQRitsuNamineQ : For anyone who'd like to know the code of the safe, it's: 3519 :3

thecrazyonethecrazyone : i figured it was too soon to be true at the end, the ending was, ehh. wished it was a monster or something at least

thecrazyonethecrazyone : really fun to play, i liked it

WickedOfficerPhoebeWickedOfficerPhoebe : Really fun to play

Kuroneko925Kuroneko925 : I think I'm an idiot, it took me so much time just to find a key.

SpoopzMasterPinkySpoopzMasterPinky : i played this game first in this took 3 hours and i was like ''what a cliche'' on the ending. cmon it is preety cliche

insxcurityinsxcurity : this was actually a good game for a short one, but an unexpected ending 7/10

SALVADORSALVADOR : really, this game its too short, i wanted more action, guns, bullets and kill the fucking monsters and revenge against Adrian, his coward ass !!!!!!!!!

Chara Dreemurr [undertale]Chara Dreemurr [undertale] : The ending is sad ):

Silenthill304fangirlSilenthill304fangirl : i have never seen a game like this!!! this is tottaly last whooosh!!! all was perfect i have never thought that the ending would be like that!! hats off to the creators!!

CrazyminyoongifanCrazyminyoongifan : nice game. but the ending was unexpected

bluepandcandybluepandcandy : Very good game and well done.I love point and click games :)

angeltheherovampireangeltheherovampire : Kind of a hard game, Just to be honest.

silversharksilvershark : this is a gay game

elcanoelcano : i like that

DarciJDarciJ : Awesome game!! First point-and-click game I've finished without looking at a walkthrough!! :D

ButtercupButtercup : Omg, i love silent hill! but how do you find the keys?

cordeliacordelia : Nice graphics, very well drawn. Interesting story too! Really an awesome game.

Silent KillerSilent Killer : I definitely didn't expect the ending

KyubiGirlKyubiGirl : i love this kind of games so wired and kinda hard with so scary true story best horror game until now

Sea The Antiquated Puppet (海 苏打)Sea The Antiquated Puppet (海 苏打) : This Game is cool :3

ScientistScientist : That was one of the best point and click horror games i ever played.I think i don't even have to say how much stars it is worth for me at this point.

rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom : How sad...

scary_kidscary_kid : @serialzero uhm, sorry, I just noticed your question (it took me 7 months lol) one of my favourite Silent Hill games is Shattered memories too, also I played years and years ago the silent hill mobile games which I liked a lot :)

horrorfreak123horrorfreak123 : how are shopto get in the room

horrorfreak123horrorfreak123 : this game is so scary


Carly FrayCarly Fray : I loved it! But the end got me like ''Wth?!'' DX

exoexo_btskpopexoexo_btskpop : WAHAHAHA....

serialzeroserialzero : @Smile_Dog... Yeah, the jump scares were pretty good in this one. Awesome profile icon, by the way. XD

Smile_DogSmile_Dog : i love this game i love the 2 jumpscares i wish there was more though

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : I mean, I hate

Joseph KayJoseph Kay : I have all the movies and the game too, i'm not suprised u.u

KatieMotionlessKatieMotionless : At the end, with the ghost in the hall... Jumpscares had me like "BRUH' >///<

TrafalgarTrafalgar : dlç

serialzeroserialzero : @scary_kid As do I! What are your some of your top favorites from the entire series? I'm partial to 1, 3, 4, Shattered Memories, and Downpour.

scary_kidscary_kid : Hope soon there'll be more Silent Hill games, I like Silent Hill a lot

Puppy-LowePuppy-Lowe : Wow sad... but still pretty good. The music is really something! It fits perfectly. I had no idea... the end was so unpredictable I LOVED IT(Although it was hard to find the keys) good job!

serialzeroserialzero : Learned the hard way that you can die in this game. Jump scare got me despite the fact that I was bracing for it. Pretty good job of capturing the spirit of Silent Hill. I'll have to give it another go sometime. XD

DmonicExorcist66DmonicExorcist66 : it was okay kinda had trubles with finding the keys but uther then that its okay

HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat : Very sad ending, somehow I kinda knew that would happen but still. Also the music is very fitting and enjoyable but the jumpscares weren't all that great, notably the camera one.

rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom : oh my god.................. ;o

ElizaSilverElizaSilver : I dont know what to say... It was certainly depressing

Lord LegenderLord Legender : wait, was this game even finished?

Lord LegenderLord Legender : cant find one key, stuck...

omaryoussef377omaryoussef377 : where is the walkthrough ??!

omaryoussef377omaryoussef377 : this game isnt so good and i cant find the key :/

omaryoussef377omaryoussef377 : aaa.. guys where is the key ???

inpizzawecrustinpizzawecrust : This game wasnt really good. :\

Akuji27Akuji27 : This game is bit hard, where's the key?

ScarecrowScarecrow : The trash room is disgusting lol. Great game.

IdealGamerIdealGamer : I'm a new user too and I find it cool.

HeavyMetalHeroHeavyMetalHero : Pretty good, though I felt there was no real tension despite the awesome soundtrack, neatly done locations and aura. I reckon a sense of real danger would add to Room 304 greatly. But overall a good effort!

mimimomaanmimimomaan : Nice story. :)

VampricaVamprica : Well, i am new user. but anyway, i liked a game

JaneTheKillerJaneTheKiller : Wonderful game & easy to win.

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    MadAsAHatter03 (192) - 2019-05-12, 11:05
    Anyone else find the cabin part a little sad??

  • avatar
    MadAsAHatter03 (192) - 2019-05-12, 11:04
    Well... that was an unexpected ending.

  • avatar
    FloraFlo (52) - 2019-05-05, 09:24
    i dont know why but i found it a lil sad

  • avatar
    queenbeepink24 (76) - 2018-12-11, 00:04
    ive completed this game :)

  • avatar
    queenbeepink24 (76) - 2018-12-11, 00:03
    password is ?=:@

  • avatar
    dark sky (22) - 2018-11-18, 22:19
    god ther any one nows the computer password

  • avatar
    JasonBerg (890) - 2018-08-11, 18:27
    Decent game. A couple stupid jump scares got me.

  • avatar
    monbebe (40) - 2018-07-23, 11:21
    this game was pretty alright :)

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3689) - 2018-07-06, 22:32
    E H H . . .

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2807) - 2018-06-22, 12:03
    00H me like to replay nice big boi game.
    Or Is it even nice?

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3689) - 2018-03-19, 19:13
    ım dont talk 4 star

  • avatar
    Fallen_angel237 (24) - 2018-02-23, 08:29
    Okay first I absolutely loved this game but twist is well expected <3

  • avatar
    apple123456789 (10) - 2018-01-03, 16:17
    I loved this game but I don't comprend the final part when I come back to Adrian

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