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Midnight Man 3D

Midnight Man 3D
The first impression about Midnight Man Unity 3D game is that it revives and brings to us another Slender boogieman.
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Midnight Man 3D

Midnight Man 3D

The first impression about Midnight Man Unity 3D game is that it revives and brings to us another Slender boogieman.

I tried to investigate a little bit and see if there really was a 'Midnight Man' at least in the imagination of pagan cultures, but I couldn't find anything that supported that. According to 'how to play' section - you are wandering the house in fear from the shadow creature coming out from the dark. For that reason you should keep the candle burning and enlightening the room around you at any cost all the time. If Midnight Man aproaches you, the light goes away and the race for your bare life beginnns. Regarding the indication of him being in the near, you will start noticing strange things, doors get opened or closed, objects moving and so on, as he can control things mentaly without actually touching them. There's a clock running and to beat the game you must simply stay alive longer that 3:33 - that's the main survival rule. The game beging at midnight sharp, of course.

If you are a true thrillseeker, the one who's ready to stand up and face his darkest fears, if you're looking for the game that will make you jump in fear, than this one is definitely for you. Others - I recommend to stay away!

The Ritual

midnight man small image Inside the game's help section there's a mini how-to which describes in details how one can summon the 'Midnight Man' the very same procedure that our main character did when this chase began. I specially disliked one part about the story which requires the 'player' to use the needle to add a drop of his blood on the paper. I would definitely skip that - I mean this is just a game and no real blood should be used for anything, so just don't do this, ok? Focus on the game.

About the game

The game has been developed by ZeoWorks (Sean Toman). I have visited their site to dicover they do games only in 'dark horror' style, mostly for PC, in Unity 3D. Another thing is that when I played MIdnight Man I knew that controls and the overall 'look and feel' felt familiar - and I was right. That's because they are also the creators of Slendytubbies.


  • W
    or arrows to move
  • sprint
  • jump
  • F
    relight candle
  • pause

Markiplier's Midnight Man youtube walkthrough

Midnight Man summoning on YouTube

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  • avatar
    scary_kid (5146) - 2016-07-06, 20:58
    @whenbirdsfly idk bou' you but I know I got outside and I was peeking thru the window at MidnightMan he was just running all over the place, that was the silliest thing I've ever seen xD

  • avatar
    WhenBirdsFly (94) - 2016-07-05, 20:29
    @scarykid I can't seem to get outdoors because in the beginning he is by the door and if I get off the bed after he is inside I automatically die.

  • avatar
    WhenBirdsFly (94) - 2016-07-05, 20:17
    I relight the candle but still die

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (688) - 2016-03-17, 02:50
    Things like the Midnight Man don't really exist in real life. They're just stories people make up to scare and/or manipulate other people.

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (688) - 2016-03-17, 02:48
    yes you are right

  • avatar
    kaushik00001 (688) - 2016-02-10, 14:16
    Its Easy Game To play

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5146) - 2015-08-11, 12:46
    i've totally ruined this game with my comments, but I need to say one more thing :D Beds are safe, outdoors too, just make sure you don't cross the white line, and close the doors behind you :D you can also peek thru the window, you'll see Midnight man running upstairs/downstairs-and sometimes he will stare at you thru the window but he can't kill you :D sorry game creators/developers :P Fix this easy-winning

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5146) - 2015-08-11, 12:23
    and the funniest thing is you'll see him running like an idiot thru the walls :/ :D creators made a huge mistake, it shouldn't be so easy to win...

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5146) - 2015-08-11, 12:15
    or just "start the game" and dont do anything :D your choice :P :D lol

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5146) - 2015-08-11, 12:11
    lol, the easiest way to win the game is - don't move thru the game, stay in the "starter-room" jump on the bed, stay in the corner and count till 3:33 am :D lol

  • avatar
    D3RK_KNIGHT (1503) - 2015-05-08, 15:40
    easily wonned

  • avatar
    D3RK_KNIGHT (1503) - 2015-04-19, 06:32
    theres a walktrough on u tube,check it out

  • avatar
    serialzero (3834) - 2015-01-24, 11:32
    @RaisaAlim... That's exactly what I was wondering. During one game, I spent a lot of time wandering around, and the hour never changed once. Then, when I tried again, the hour changed after a minute or two, and I have no idea what I did to trigger it. The time system makes no sense whatsoever.

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