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Midnight Man 3D

Midnight Man 3D
The first impression about Midnight Man Unity 3D game is that it revives and brings to us another Slender boogieman.
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Midnight Man 3D

Midnight Man 3D game info

The first impression about Midnight Man Unity 3D game is that it revives and brings to us another Slender boogieman.

I tried to investigate a little bit and see if there really was a 'Midnight Man' at least in the imagination of pagan cultures, but I couldn't find anything that supported that. According to 'how to play' section - you are wandering the house in fear from the shadow creature coming out from the dark. For that reason you should keep the candle burning and enlightening the room around you at any cost all the time. If Midnight Man aproaches you, the light goes away and the race for your bare life beginnns. Regarding the indication of him being in the near, you will start noticing strange things, doors get opened or closed, objects moving and so on, as he can control things mentaly without actually touching them. There's a clock running and to beat the game you must simply stay alive longer that 3:33 - that's the main survival rule. The game beging at midnight sharp, of course.

If you are a true thrillseeker, the one who's ready to stand up and face his darkest fears, if you're looking for the game that will make you jump in fear, than this one is definitely for you. Others - I recommend to stay away!

The Ritual

midnight man small image Inside the game's help section there's a mini how-to which describes in details how one can summon the 'Midnight Man' the very same procedure that our main character did when this chase began. I specially disliked one part about the story which requires the 'player' to use the needle to add a drop of his blood on the paper. I would definitely skip that - I mean this is just a game and no real blood should be used for anything, so just don't do this, ok? Focus on the game.

About the game

The game has been developed by ZeoWorks (Sean Toman). I have visited their site to dicover they do games only in 'dark horror' style, mostly for PC, in Unity 3D. Another thing is that when I played MIdnight Man I knew that controls and the overall 'look and feel' felt familiar - and I was right. That's because they are also the creators of Slendytubbies.


  • W
    or arrows to move
  • sprint
  • jump
  • F
    relight candle
  • pause

Markiplier's Midnight Man youtube walkthrough

Midnight Man summoning on YouTube

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  • avatar
    cute_but_scary (938) - 2014-10-10, 23:27
    whoa!!! hella scary

  • avatar
    HellaRadKawaiiCat (609) - 2014-08-11, 20:16
    Fucking beautiful and terrifying. xD

  • avatar
    Scarecrow (707) - 2014-07-29, 03:38
    Creepy as!

  • avatar
    Creepyalex (2740) - 2014-06-26, 14:07
    I never hated candles so much in my entire life.
    Good game,though.

  • avatar
    Mrs Minecraft (47) - 2014-06-25, 12:54
    dont wanna play this anymore...

  • avatar
    MaddieBeat (544) - 2014-05-30, 15:55
    i love this game,but it seems like it's impossible to win it.

  • avatar
    JaneTheKiller (407) - 2014-04-28, 10:50

  • avatar
    MINERNOLAN (328) - 2014-04-05, 23:19
    Really nice game. I got too scared to play it anymore though...

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