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Pixel Art (Case) Horror Games

Pixal art or Case Games as they are sometimes called, is a modern game that takes the retro look of 1980's eight bit era. Games like Miami City Retro and Super Time Force have started a renaissance, so to speak. Case art games have exploded in the last few years and have found their way into nearly every genre of video games, including the horror genre. Here is our list of The Scariest Case Horror Games on the internet.

deep sleep game intro image

The first game we are going to discuss is more than just a single game. It is a trilogy of eight bit horror. Deep Sleep is the first game in this trilogy, followed by Deeper Sleep and then the Deepest Sleep. Do you see a pattern? These three games are point and click escape games. Each one of these games offers a different, yet distinct, storyline. You are trying to survive your own nightmare.

These games are really well made and very simple to control. Since this is a point and click game, the gameplay is very simple for anyone to pick up. Simply move your mouse cursor over something on the screen and click. Since the gameplay is simplistic, the puzzles have to provide the difficulty. And they do. The story in all three games is great to read, as there is no voice over. The Sleep Trilogy is a great beginning for anyone interested in the simple, yet compelling case art games.

dont escape game intro image

Don't Escape is another eight-bit pixel-style horror game with a howling twist. In Don't Escape, you are attempting to trap yourself inside a house before the next full moon, because you are a flesh-eating werewolf. And because you are only a werewolf once a month, your human side feels really bad about all the carnage that you cause. So, you are tasked with barricading yourself inside this house. This game is another point and click horror game, meaning that like the Sleep Trilogy, this game relies on its puzzles and story to carry the game. Don't Escape is a cool idea for a video game, that is very well thought out and should be played by anyone who wishes to enjoy the retro eight bit games.

the last door game intro image

The Last Door rounds out our top list of case art horror games. In The Last Door, you are trying to find your friend, Anthony. The Last Door is a compilation of games, each a new chapter in the story. The first Last Door is the prologue chapter called The Silence. In this chapter, you arrive at Anthony's home, determined to find him. Only, you don't. You have to continue the chapters to find out what happened to Anthony. The game is a simple point and click, with puzzles and exploration carrying the weight of the game. The storyline is brilliant as you travel through the chapters, each one lasting around thirty minutes to complete.

The retro style is making sort of a comeback in the indie scene. Games like the ones on this list are leading the pack. If you want to experience a different type of game, give the case art horror games a try.

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