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The result of the University of Utah's Master Games Studio Program, Erie is a first class piece of horror gaming.
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The result of the University of Utah's Master Games Studio Program, Erie is a first class piece of horror gaming. It packs all the thrills of the best dark rides into a superbly creepy narrative experience that is best played with the volume up and the lights off and which is guaranteed to linger in the mind long after the horror is over.

The story gets off to a great start, and throws players into the aftermath of a terrifying nuclear meltdown. As a Red Cross investigator, you're sent into a sleepy Michigan town to help track down the survivors, but you soon find yourself trapped underground in a claustrophobic environment where the pressure is piled on ...

Controls (default):

  • * Mouse -- Look around
  • * W,A,S & D -- Move
  • * Spacebar -- Jump
  • * E -- Pick up/Use things
  • * Left Mouse Click -- release item
  • * C -- crawl
  • * Escape -- Pause/Quit/Main Menu

... However, things get worse when you discover that the results of some mysterious genetic experiments are also roaming around in the darkness, and which are only too keen to sink their claws and teeth into your soft white flesh. Thus begins a terrifying race against time to escape from this nightmare, uncover the truth behind the experiments and warn the public of what is about to be unleashed upon them.

Author: Utah Game Forge, Master Game Studio, Univercity Of Utah

Official website: N/A

Installation instructions

Game is provided in single (one file) installer (executable).

Scroll down to get to the download link


The result of the University of Utah's Master Games Studio Program, Erie is a first class piece of horror gaming.

Elements of classics like Resident Evil

Things start out pretty intense, with a real sense of being trapped and alone, but the tension soon ramps up considerably as you start to uncover the secret research facility hidden in the depths of the underground. The environments themselves are spooky enough, but when things start moving around in the darkness and eventually come for you, the terror and adrenaline really kick in. Although there are distinct elements of classics like Resident Evil on display here, Erie is strong enough in its gameplay and its story to overcome any potential issues with over-familiarity and it's testament to the skills of its creators that it manages this with ease.

About design

Although Erie is clearly an independently designed and released game, it remains extremely impressive in its visuals. There is a lot of talent on display here, with some wonderfully creepy tunnel environments, plenty of spectacularly gritty and rundown base designs, and of course the monsters themselves, which are vicious and threatening in the best fashion. The sound design deserves special mention too, with some highly effective use of effects that help to unsettle the player even more.

The usual survival horror concepts

Fortunately, Erie isn't just about its visuals and atmosphere, and manages to pack in some interesting gameplay mechanics on top of the usual survival horror concepts and which help to make the game even more enjoyable. When you take all this together, the intriguing storyline, the impressive visuals, and slick gameplay, you have a bold, confident entry into the horror genre. It might not be brimming with true innovation, but it deserves to be played because it's simply very well done, with gameplay that is as exciting as it is horrifying and which really has you on the edge of your seat.

Perhaps best of all though, Erie is completely free, so there really is no excuse not to play it!

Download (pass code is 'dark')

This is one file executable which will automatically install Unreal Engine, which is needed for game to play. After finishing the game I suggest you to uninstall everything from Control Panel. The game is old, I think from 2012, and the publisher site is not working anymore. Beside this download link I provide, there's also a link on desura website, but I didn't try that one.


There are many walkthroughs and previews on Youtube. If you were missing PewDiePie's screaming, here it is, again ...

...and here's also the official trailer:

DarkPyroDarkPyro : this looks fun

scary_kidscary_kid : it's awesome, I really like it :)

ScientistScientist : Hilarious how i wasn't 3 days here and i found a new game.

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    DarkPyro (47) - 2015-12-17, 23:18
    this looks fun

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5434) - 2015-08-12, 15:21
    it's awesome, I really like it :)

  • avatar
    Scientist (2669) - 2015-08-12, 12:39
    Hilarious how i wasn't 3 days here and i found a new game.

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