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Upcoming Horror Games for 2014

This past year was a great year for the fans of horror games, from the release of the PS3 exclusive The Last of Us to the pc release of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, fans of horror had a great year. But, you might be asking, what about next year? What games can we look forward to that are guaranteed to put a chill up our spines and goose bumps on our arms? Let’s take a look at what should be another great year for gamers.

The Evil Within is an upcoming horror game by the same publisher that brought us Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series, Bethesda softworks. The game is to be released on all current and next generation consoles, minus the Nintendo WiiU system. In this game, players will take up the role of a Detective who upon entering the site of a brutal mass murder is attacked and knocked unconscious. When the detective wakes up from his forced nap, the area around him is occupied by some nasty creatures and monsters. The game is being made by the same mastermind of horror that brought about the original Resident Evil games. The game has the right pedigree and budget to be on any horror fan’s radar.

Coming up for the pc gamer is Dreadout. This game is a throwback to the horror games of old with the gameplay ideas coming from such classics as the Fatal Frame series updated with the more modern mechanics of today's game. This game is coming for the pc as well as the apple mac. Players will take on the role of female lead, Linda, and use modern gadgets like smartphones and tablets to interact or to attack the supernatural beings that are suddenly surrounding the character. The story of Dreadout takes place in an abandoned town and the main character has to use her newfound abilities to stay alive and figure out why the townsfolk and her friends are missing. The game is being developed by Digital Happiness. Horror fans should be happy, too.


 Daylight is another horror game that players should keep an eye on. Billing itself as a random encounter generator, meaning no two attempts at a level will be the same, the game strips all the conventional weapons from the player and gives them only a smartphone to use to help with their survival. The game takes place in an abandoned hospital, with the player regaining conscious and not knowing how the main character got there or who brought them to the hospital. The game is being built on the impressive Unreal Engine 3 and has the visuals that come with that engine; superb. It is being developed by Zombie Studios and is slated for a release of 2014.

2014 promises to be another fantastic year for gamers and fans of the horror game genre. While there are a lot of games coming out, unfortunately only these were able to mentioned, now. But as always, we will keep a look out for the best in horror gaming and bring it to you as soon as we can. And if you have some suggestions, be sure to post them in our comment section.

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