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Slender: The Arrival, Should Slender Man Return?

Early this century a legend was born, a legend, full of intrigue and photo shopping, which has scared the crap out of people all across the world. What started out as a friendly competition on the forums of the website, Bloody Disgusting, turned into, arguably, the first internet urban legend. The competition was designed to see who could create the scariest photos and post them on the forum.

One very imaginative poster took old photos that had a really dated look about them and inserted an image of a very tall man dressed in a suit and tie, with a face that not even a mother could love. The poster added fake eyewitness accounts in the hope of adding that little extra something. That extra something turned out to be exactly what this legend needed to gain traction. It didn’t take long for the photos to leave the Bloody Disgusting forums and take on a life of its own in the digital age. Soon photos were rolling in from all over the world of Slender man and tales of his haunting continue even today. There is a really good chance that in a few years, people will forgot all about the origin of Slender and he will become a true internet myth.

Soon after the Slender Man legend began, he started to be featured in several flash based internet games. These games are very easy to play and with a really good headset can scare even the most fearless hearts. The latest game to be created using Slender is Slender: The Arrival.

In Arrival, players must collect as many pages of a diary as they can before Slender finds them and kills them, greeting them with a game over screen. If players can collect everything, all the while avoiding Slender, then the game will also end, just not with the death of the player. The game can be beaten in well under an hour and the game loses all charm just minutes after playing or when Slender catches the player the first time.

The scares are just not enough to last or hold anyone's attention for any length of time. The audio in the game is great for headsets, but again it doesn't take long for even the creepy music to wear out its welcome. The graphics do a great job of adding to the creepy level that the game’s developers were looking for, however, their over use of fog lends to areas in the game that are really hard to make out what is around the player. The game also has its fair share of glitches that can make the game almost unplayable, not to mention that there are several instances of where the game will slow down, dropping its frame rate almost in half at times to unplayable levels.

If Slender: The Arrival was just a flash based web game, it would be one of the best web based games on the internet. However, the developers have decided to offer the game as a downloadable game on the gaming website for a $9.99 price tag, which is about $9.00 too much. 


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