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What is Sad Satan? Deep Web Gaming Zone-News

What is Sad Satan? Deep Web Gaming Zone
Posted by: dark, 2016-09-06, 16:23 - 3 comments

Some of you might be familiar with the story of the infamous Deep Web game called Sad Satan.

Some of you also showed interest in this particular game, asking whether Sad Satan is real, does it exist or what is it?

The video I've found on YouTube explains it pretty much well.. I also wanted to have this subject in the form of news, so anyone can post a comment below and share an interested thought with the rest of us - horror freaks :)

So, What is Sad Satan?

Sad Satan may not be the best horror game out there but has definitely gained a lot of popularity and unnerved a lot of people. The game got people's attention after youtuber named Obscure Horror Corner uploeaded 'let's play the game' video which was supposidley sent by subscriber who wished to remain anonymous. 

The game supposidley originated on deep web, but whether this was the actual origin is unknown.

Some people speculate that that Obscure Horror Corner is actually the one that made the game. 

Once the game actually starts, the player does the walkthrough a maze like hallway, where at one point strange audio can be heard playing. As the game continues, player just walk through the hallway, as several gory picture of dead children appear on the screen. At the end of the game, screaming can be heard in the background. 

Ok, let me download the original Sad Satan game

It's little bit odd that noone seems to be able to find the ORIGINAL game anywhere, no matter how hard they searched on the Deep Web. This game might be created by Obscure Horror Corner to get publicity and anonymous informant was probably a guy who stands behind this channel. 

Sad Satan - Deep Web Horror Game - Part 1

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    Scientist (2717) - 2016-09-14, 15:38
    No URLs are seen in the video :(

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    Scientist (2717) - 2016-09-14, 15:33
    @scary_kid That is possible, the Deep-Web is known for CP, not just Club Penguin, it's Child Porn, one of the grossest things ever, I was close to finding a Sad Satan link, 2 TIMES, I was on a website called NOT Evil, it's like a chat, one of them lead to a weird website, the award was just some lame hentai. Then I saw another link, but the link at the site was shut down, I was just a few hours too late. I'll do my best. I learned all from this youtuber He got his fingers on Sad Satan, and also found it in 3 months ago in his Deep-Web browsing series, I didn't notice that, might be a chance.

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    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-09-07, 10:48
    I believe that OCH created the game to gain popularity and subscribers on his YT channel. well, not that I judge him but he could at least admit >_< ... OFC there's bunch of hackers who thought it would be fun to make a clone and infect the game , put it online and harm everyone who was interested in playing it (I wanted it too but thx God I've found on time the informations about Sad Satan clone game virus).
    PewDiePie played the game, not sure did he got the infected version or the clean one (he knows better lol)
    Anyway, as the video above says, they could create a decent Indie Horror Game and I agree with that.
    one more thing, not sure is it true or not, most people claim that the screams in the game are real screams of a child being raped. well, that's disturbing !

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