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What horror games are coming in 2016?-News

What horror games are coming in 2016?
Posted by: dark, 2016-01-07, 18:11 - 18 comments

What horror games are coming in 2016?

I can't promise best 20 or top 5 before I actually try them all out. I just wanted to make a list of games that you might want to pay attention to this year (2016). Some of them are already out, other are upcoming, while some  I might add to the list later on. Any proposals? 


Layers of Fear

has released an early access version of their game and it picked up a huge amounts of press thanks to selection of youtubers that featured playthroughs of the game on their channel. Layers of Fear is a game that plunges a player into the unstable mind of an insane painter thirsting for inspiration for his next masterpiece. The house you play in is constantly shifting and morphing as your character is subjected to hallucinations and encounters with creepy ghouls and demon-like creatures. 


Outlast 2

The long anticipated sequel to Red Barrel psychological horror title Outlast has promised to deliver new and refined scares while staying true to the original atmosphere  projected in Outlast 1. Set completely apart from the asylum we explored in the first game, we have the opportunity to get to know different characters in a completely different setting. The violence and depravity of human nature will still be a large overarching theme of the game.


Hektor - indie game (already available)

Hektor is a single player indie horror game released on steam March '13. The cool part about the game is that the walls in Hector game are not randomly generated, walls and rooms are actually altered as you play, which makes for really cool mechanic. The basic goal is to escape from wherever you are by solving pretty basic puzzles, normally involving finding an object to complete the task. This game is far more story focused than other indie horror games.

This is direct download link - didn't try it though:

4. AR Survival Horror

Night Terrors

Night Terrors is augmented reality survival horror game and personally my favorite one (this and Alison Road ). When the demon chases you, you will run away. When the girl calls your name, you will follow. Save the girl and survive. If you don't see what happens.

"You hear the familiar click of interference. A young girl tortured in another world needs your help". According to the game developer Bryan Mitchel words, this game is trying to give an answer to a simple question: "Why are we still waiting for that really great augmented reality game? Where are those games that are so believable and so immersive that you're afraid to play them?".


Allison Road

Alison Road looks like it's paying homage to PT (Playable Teaser, Silent Hills series) while being it's own original story. It looks awesome. Even though it doesn't carry the Silent Hill name, it doesn't have to. It has the same spirit, and that is what is really important and who knows, maybe Alison Road will lead to its own franchise of scary sequels. And rather than dream and wander of what possibly could have been with the now collapsed Silent Hills, they're filling the void and we now at least will be able to play a spiritual successor and enjoy a whole new creepy gaming experience. 

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  • avatar
    fluttershy (100) - 2018-05-02, 00:49
    we're already past 2016 its 2018

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-04-13, 08:35
    outlast 2 :/

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-04-13, 08:32

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-04-13, 08:31
    :/ maybe

  • avatar
    masterhorror15 (30) - 2017-11-16, 20:48

  • avatar
    ʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶ (2326) - 2017-06-27, 03:31

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-04-29, 05:28
    is alisson road out?i'm so gonna play it and finish it right know if it is..

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-04-29, 05:21
    already finished outlast 2.


  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-04-12, 15:47
    so...i guess.. YEASSSS

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-04-12, 15:46
    but i live for outlast

  • avatar
    SpoopzMasterPinky (2986) - 2017-04-12, 15:41
    It's all about hector

  • avatar
    Chara Dreemurr [undertale] (1724) - 2016-11-16, 01:50
    i think allison road seems so spookyy

  • avatar
    ʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶ (2326) - 2016-10-31, 11:25
    I can't wait for Outlast 2, Outlast is my life. <3

  • avatar
    xkcsz (313) - 2016-04-12, 01:08
    Allison Road is spooky.

  • avatar
    fdbtherealist (36) - 2016-02-19, 18:41
    layers of fear is the one im waiting for

  • avatar
    serialzero (3975) - 2016-01-26, 11:07
    I'm still excited for NightCry, the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series. X3

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2016-01-10, 18:56
    Remember when they said outlast 2 is coming 2015? I found out it was just fanmade by a german and my translation was useless. But it was too old to reveal, at least this time we got a real outlast trailer! And of course DOOM 2016 REBOOT IS COMING TOO HELL YEAH!

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-01-08, 10:46
    Outlast 2 is the one I'm waiting for :)

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