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Welcome To The Game - Interesting Concept Of Horror Game About Surfing the Deep WEB-News

Welcome to the game is un upcoming horror game currently on Steam (link available down below). This game has been developer by Reflect Studios and basically it is a deep web horror game where the game consits of interactions around the deep web, looking for bits of code that you can use to string together to access a 'red room' and meanwhile hackers are trying to hack your computer and you kinda have to fend them off.  

YouTube Review

The point of the game is to surfe the Deep web with the special browser installed on your pc, to keep attackers away in order to get to the red room. The Red Room is a hidden service on the Deep WEb where you can see or participate in interactive torture and murder. Don't worry, this game is just a simulation, you won't actually be on a deep web :)

Download links:

If you follow one of the links below you will get the file called It is 382MB in size. When you unpack it with winzip or 7zip or any other unpacker, you will get the directory structure with 'WTTG.exe' executable. I have scanned the whole directory and AVG didn't report any viruses so the download seems OK. Just click on the executable file and the game begins. 

Spoiler Warning

It's a game with a twist in the end. The idea is to get you hushed into a browsing when an invited guest comes in to kindap you... 

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    Death_Specter (151) - 2016-09-12, 06:08

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2016-07-15, 11:43
    I was in the real Deep-Web and it is very accurate, except for the fact that the mini-games are not how hack blocks work. I was there and a lot of pages didn't load, they all are shut down and the Deep-Web is an archive. I actually risked a lot but it is true, also in real life, most pages don't load at all.

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    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-07-13, 22:21
    well, this is unique, also this game gave me chills :D lol ... and yeah that part where pages don't want to load is irritating but as they already explained in the "tutorial" they will work later, so we have to wait for some pages to (become) available or whatsoever ... :D cool game tho... will play it again tomorrow, want to see what else can I espect from this game....

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2016-07-13, 14:56
    Lot of those 'web pages' do not load ... that part is irritating...

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