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Upcoming Zombie Games 2017-News

Upcoming Zombie Games 2017
Posted by: dark, 2016-11-29, 09:23 - 0 comments

Ok, so we are grown up people now, not some kids anymore to believe in vampire stories, werewolves or witches. On the other hand, it seems as if we had just too many zombie movies and games and that there's practically nothing new that developers might come up with as a surprise. Even if you think so, please take a look at this video enlisting some of the best upcoming zombie games for PC, PS4 and XBOX One. And than, think again. Have zombies become obsolete? What do you think? I say, lower your window blinds, sit back, have a nice drink and enjoy!

Dead Rising 4 by Capcom

- The game has been released in 2006, but 10 years later it finally come to Play Station 4. It's a zombie killing infestation - a typical survivial type of horror game. You're playing as Frank West  a war journalist and your main objective is to figure out what happened and get out withing 72 hours.

State of Decay 2 (2017)

Sure tons of games features zombies, but few have gotten the survival aspect of them right. there's not much fear with zombies anymore and with so much material floating around we become immune to the fear of zombies. Or not :) ?

The Walking Dead: Season Three by Telltale Games

 Telltale made a lot of bad decisions, and I am really hoping that does not continue in Season 3. 

Days Gone 2017

: Open world zombie apocalyptic survival game and it looks like it's getting everything right. The main character is on survival quest after losing his girlfriend, who we don't know what had happened to but that's what you're about to find out.

Resident Evil 7

: The one you might be waiting for, right? It's done as a first person perspective game because of VR, which is something that might put off some potential players, and not just because of VR, RE was always first person game. 

Dead Island 2 TBA

: More like a first person shooter than survival game. 

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