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This comic contains shocking scene - Check out Shriek Horror-News

Shriek is a new webcomic horror series from that embeds scary gifs, sound effects and background music. There are several stories released so far, with the first episode  A Ghostly Job by Dey. I know that these type of web comicbooks originate from South Korea. Yet the series has dialogs in English, so I really don't know whether they have been translated or what. As the author suggests, it's best if you read them at night, with your headphones on, unless of course you have a heart condition or something.

Episode 3 is also nicely executed: Scratching by Jingook lim. I liked this one becuse it's short simple and without too many dialogs. Not the best story though, but with good sound effects.

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    cute_but_scary (1672) - 2016-10-30, 06:14
    seems nice :D

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    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-10-02, 22:29
    Judging by the names these are South Koreans comicbooks too .
    I like the first one , second one is also decent but I know there's an old story which is still giving me chills :) that will probably remain my all time favorite :)
    Thanks for sharing these with us @Dark

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