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The Witch 2016 - Artsy Horror Movie (Trailers)-News

The Witch concentrates on a family in the middle of nowhere in New England. I believe this is the 1600s. However in the woods next to these people there's a witch and so horrific s**t start happening to this family in a very subtle way.  

The thing you should know about the movie before you go out and watch it is that it is indie movie and is pretty artsy one. This movie goes for the slow burn. Slow burn is artsy film speak for a movie that was boring in quite a few things. It's not bad, it's a great movie, it's just a little bit slow.

The Witch Movie Trailer #1

The movie is not just about the witch but is very tragically dramatic because you see this entire family's foundation erode because of this witch, but none of them really know what's actually going on. And that's why this film is so great. It wasn't just about something scary, it was about how that scary thing could have an affect on the family. And so it felt more realistic and grounded. You could actually relate to these characters. And the acting was terrific. Particularly the daughter and the father. 

The Witch Trailer #2

The movie builds certain scenes out so much and it really makes you feel the true horror of the horrifying situation. It is also very tense editing long takes, slow moving slider shots. Things that can really creep up on you and get you into the film. And the style that really makes you appreciate the location. You feel this environment. It's a very claustrophobic movie. 

Also what's great is the depiction of the witch, the way they set up this character and the way she was able to do certain things was really great. 

The Witch Movie Official website:  Writer/director: Robert Eggers.

A good link that goes with the movie is Evil Takes Many Forms. You can upload your own image and make your own movie poster. Share your creation down in the comments!

The Evil takes many forms : Raven, Goat and Hare.

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  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-06-07, 18:18
    watched it few weeks ago , I gotta admit, it's a really good one. everyone should add it to their watchlist ;)

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2016-05-05, 16:07
    Watched it last night again, in better quality. It's a good movie. Great atmospheric horror and very realistic. Some say it's slow but it was meant to be like that. btw, some decent blue ray rips started to appear on

  • avatar
    cordelia (2950) - 2016-04-28, 22:13
    My roommate just got it today! Looks sooooo good. Can't wait to watch. :D

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-04-06, 21:50
    I can't wait to see this movie, waiting it for about a month :D trailer looks good and I really miss a good horror movie.

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