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The Town Of Light - coming soon in 2016...-News

Town of light is an upcoming horror game scheduled for February 2016 on Steam. It should have been available for PC some time this autumn, but that didn't happen yet.

In a short period of time, few months ago, there was an alpha version available for download for testing. Below you can find the trailer, as well as a review made by one of the testers. In any case, it seems like a good game. At the moment you can't play it, not even the alpha version but as soon as it gets out, you will get informed.  The official site is

Town Of Light Trailer

It is 12th of March, 1938. Renne, 16 years old admitted for observation yesterday morning, accompanied by police officer to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation. Mental illness preceded by warning signs: has suffered from depression for a year believing she had tuberculosis. Food deprivation.

Town Of Light Game Preview

Urban exploration is an odd hobby. Involves breaking into derelict building walking around a bit taking a few photos and than legging it out before the police catch you. 

Team of Italian developers have painstakingly recreated a very real and very abandoned location for this upcoming psychological thriller "The Town Of Light".

This is the Volterra psychiatric asylum. Check out the real images on (images by

You can explore the asylum's  claustrophobic corridors in a 20 minute preview demo (not anymore). Volterra was one of the biggest asylums in Europe, and has been dubbed as the place of no return due to the fact that many patients who were sent there never came out again.  

While the location may be based on fact, the story of this game and its protagonist Renne are pure fiction. Renne a sixteen-year-old at the time of her committal diagnosed with schizophrenia has decided to return to its labyrinthine halls thirty seven years later in a bid to uncover her lost and blurred memories. 

You are lead through the game by Renne's internal monologue. Renne is really worried about her creepy doll Charlotte, a mock up piece of cracked porcelain with eerie eyes unblinking eyes. Rennes' relationship with the doll forms a large portion of the demo and working out exactly what to do with her is a part of the puzzle that must be solved in order to progress to another area of the asylum.

The game is more slow paced and atmospheric than something like Five Nights At Freddy's, and the horror here comes from the echoes of past events and Renne's schizophrenia, rather than brushes with the paranormal. This demo suggests that there will be no real threats in the game. No boogeyman or vulgar jumpscares. 

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  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2015-12-13, 16:29
    looks pretty good :)

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2015-11-11, 11:10
    Man first this year we got Mario maker splatoon and all that stuff, even fallout 4. And now even this comes in 2016, and DOOM 4.

  • avatar
    Creepyalex (5244) - 2015-11-08, 21:40

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