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The Conjuring House - Paranormal Horror Game-News

The Conjuring House is a paranormal horror game experience taking place in an old Victorian house where a team of psychics led by a journalist were sent in to investigate. Unfortunately, the stories about demons and ghosts that allegedly possessed this house turned out to be true. The idea behind the project is to bring back the old-school horror feeling, and I personally feel that these guys did it.

"We cannot kill the demon.... All we can do is to be protected  against him"

To get this story to you, I've been contacted personally by Adil Dadda, who is game & level designer at RymGames, who asked me to inform you about this great upcoming horror game, now available on steam. RYM GAMES is an independent game studio but I am sure we'll hear about them more in the future. If anyone's interested, technology behind making this game is Unreal Engine 4. 

"Beware....You're not alone!"

In short the game focuses on fear, stress, madness, terror and paranormal events. You should find all the necessary links down below.



  • ·  Release Date : 2017
  • ·  Developer : RYM GAMES
  • ·  Genre : Survival-Horror
  • ·  Platform : PC

Greenlit on Steam


Official YouTube Channel



The Conjuring House New Trailer

Game as work in progress

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