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Suggest a good horror game ...-News

Suggest a good horror game ...
Posted by: dark, 2015-05-29, 12:58 - 16 comments

If you find good free horror game, flash, Unity or indie PC, just let me know .. send me a message or leave a comment .... If I decide to publish it, I'll give you credits for finding it. 

Thanks! Dark

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  • avatar
    Blue_Longevity (270) - 2015-10-24, 00:23
    If you can find Fran Bow, I will be eternally grateful.

  • avatar
    Blue_Longevity (270) - 2015-10-18, 22:44
    I don't think we should suggest games where we can just google the name and get it from a simple site, like IB, the Witches House, and Corpse Party. A lot of Gamejolt indie games are that great either. But I was gonna recommend Amnesia: Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  • avatar
    cute_but_scary (1672) - 2015-10-02, 18:02
    i have many many suggestions for u :P there's a site called 'game jolt' it provides u with endless list of intresting indie games :D

  • avatar
    RitsuNamineQ (1501) - 2015-08-25, 10:35
    The full version of 'Black Rose' is available :)

  • avatar
    Blue_Longevity (270) - 2015-08-20, 03:56
    Five Nights at Freddy's 4, Night Blights, Nox Timore, Timore, the Penumbra Series is really good, and Power Drill Massacre.
    Spooky's House of Jumpscares is 100% free on Steam. Oh, and DreadOut would be cool too.

  • avatar
    Nonnahs1998 (364) - 2015-08-08, 08:35
    FNAF 4 the game, its already out and i want u to add it please

  • avatar
    thirst098 (54) - 2015-08-05, 03:20
    the Witch's House is a free rpg horror game that is extremely good along with IB which is another rpg horror game and also Corpse Party Rebuilt which is a "remaster" of the original game which is again...another rpg horror game that free.

    (I love rpg game's :P)

  • avatar
    Vincent Bishop FNAF (2646) - 2015-08-02, 08:43
    Don't escape 3.

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-07-19, 10:00
    @Vampire Thank you, they're on my TODO list now. Thanks to everybody for suggestions. Plz keep on

  • avatar
    D3RK_KNIGHT (1505) - 2015-07-18, 08:04
    Also i find this 3 horror games very good,nice and they are all free:
    1)Spooky´s house of jumpscares
    2)Five Nights at chum bucket
    3)The Last Dead end (very creepy)

    would be cool if you puplish these

  • avatar
    Creepyalex (5244) - 2015-07-13, 15:25
    Thank you for posting my suggestions!

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-07-10, 10:58
    Our friend creepyalex has some problems with posting comments here, so I am going to post his suggestions: a) The Static Speaks My Name b) Dark Ocean c) The Corridor The Visitor - Flash Animation Game (kind of funny and there's part 2) ..Just to let you know guys, I am considering all your suggestions and already working on preparing these games

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-06-28, 16:09
    among the sleep is approx 1 gig in size, but I will see what I can do.. keep posting here good games, flash, unity and pc... thank you everybody for contributing the site. I can't do this without you

  • avatar
    fnaf dude (40) - 2015-06-16, 13:26
    get among the sleep on this website

  • avatar
    shosho_ese (93) - 2015-06-16, 01:18
    what about (life after us the system) i have tried it its kinda cool

  • avatar
    Smith Winter (17) - 2015-06-06, 04:32
    Can you find me the game among the sleep

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