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Spooky Quiz by Patrick W-News

Spooky Quiz by Patrick W
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-23, 17:55 - 4 comments

Our friend Patrick Wentzell wanted to share with you this spooky quiz which I belive he wrote by himslef. He has sent me a message on Facebook with the following content, and sinse I liked it very much, I decided to copy and pase it for you here, without changing a single word. I hope you'll like it too. 

Quiz begins here ->

I have a fun quiz for you all ready here it is horror survival quiz just type what answer you think is best.   

1. At night through dark woods you see a scary old person slowly walking towards you this person does not make a sound and is see through what do you do?          

  • A. Say hello to apparition.
  • B. Invite this ghost over to your house?
  • C. Figure it will ignore you if you don't move.
  • D. Runaway from it.

2. Zombies are out on the street and just a short distance from your house so the best course is:

  • A. Kindly say to the Zombies please move away from my  house thank you.
  • B. Throw tissues at them to get a message they need to go some place else.
  • C. Fight them all at once with a stick.
  • D. Get as far away from them as possible and seek help from others alive as you.

3. At an Office where you work the very young Hot beautiful attractive boss female is a vampire she promises to give you immortality and eternal youth cause she wants to be with you forever after thinking about it for a little while you decide to.....                 

  • A. Take her offer let her turn you into a blood sucking vampire to be with her.
  • B. Choose that you want to be with her but ask her to please not change you into an undead being an just want to marry her.
  • C. Do what Buffy would do and stake her risking not having a job anymore.
  • D. You try some kind of David Duchovny  X--File tactic and try exposing the truth out there to nlet the world know vampires are real.

4. There is a special diamond in a store it makes the perfect gift for someone after buying it you realize the item you have just purchased carries along a very age old curse the possessor of this item is cursed what do you do?

  • A. Return the item for store credit try getting your money back.
  • B. You give the diamond to someone else thinking it's going to be that persons problem from now on instead of yours.
  • C. Sell it on ebay after all you want more than what you paid for it.
  • D. Live with this curse even though it brings bad fortune all of the time.

After a nice walk in the park a very good friend you know reveals a secret of being a werewolf and the wolf inside the person will not kill you but eat other people instead it is the hardest thing to ever except but then.                  

  • A. Let this person know you are alright with this.
  • B. Chain the friend up for life but will decide to give him meat every now and then.
  • C. Let a circus make this person one of the star attractions.
  • D. Take the friend to an animal hospital ask the doctor to cure the person of the were wolf condition believing it is possible.

This concludes my Halloween Quiz for now, and there will be more next time. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers in this, only just what you choose, so like JigSaw I tell you make your choice.

... So, what would you do?  Dark
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  • avatar
    ChochiPRO (1641) - 2020-07-29, 14:24
    1.D [ i hope he doesn't catch me ]
    2.B [ i hope it doesn't get even worse ]
    3.A [ I'm so sorry but i have no choice ]
    4.C [ i rather someone of my enemies take it ]
    5.A [ i hope nobody gets hurt but i'm fine with it. ]

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2018-07-16, 23:07
    Hah, it's a fun quiz , my answers are D, D , A , A , A.
    Idk , it's pretty difficult to answer some of the questions because there's no custom answers, some of these answers would be a little different if I actually answered them , with my own words

  • avatar
    Lyra Rogers (198) - 2018-02-16, 00:54
    It was alright, i guess. And why do you put "~ Rose Miku" On everything you comment? We all know who you are...(not trying to sound/be rude, im just curious. No hate.)

  • avatar
    Rose_Miku (2391) - 2018-01-14, 00:42
    1. D
    2. D
    3. C
    4. B
    ~Rose Miku

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