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About 'Chat'
Posted by: dark, 2015-11-17, 16:09 - 4 comments

As you can see, there's a 'chat' menu item in the top right corner. It opens up in a separate window. You don't have to be logged in in order to use chat and you may use any nick you want, so don't trust nobody.

If someone says he's 'dark', don't trust he really is. 

If I say I am dark, don't trust me.

Chat is sort of a shoutbox, made just for fun.If it doesn't work well, let me know. Actually there isn't much I could do if it doesn't work well, but I can change it with something else.Let's see if this works.

Oh, and one more thing. This thing doesn't save messages. It just enables chat with people currently online. Nothing else. Your messages will be there as long as you keep that window opened.  You may play game in one windows and chat in another.



Town of light is an upcoming horror game scheduled for February 2016 on Steam. It should have been available for PC some time this autumn, but that didn't happen yet.

In a short period of time, few months ago, there was an alpha version available for download for testing. Below you can find the trailer, as well as a review made by one of the testers. In any case, it seems like a good game. At the moment you can't play it, not even the alpha version but as soon as it gets out, you will get informed.  The official site is

Town Of Light Trailer

It is 12th of March, 1938. Renne, 16 years old admitted for observation yesterday morning, accompanied by police officer to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation. Mental illness preceded by warning signs: has suffered from depression for a year believing she had tuberculosis. Food deprivation.

Town Of Light Game Preview

Urban exploration is an odd hobby. Involves breaking into derelict building walking around a bit taking a few photos and than legging it out before the police catch you. 

Team of Italian developers have painstakingly recreated a very real and very abandoned location for this upcoming psychological thriller "The Town Of Light".

This is the Volterra psychiatric asylum. Check out the real images on (images by

You can explore the asylum's  claustrophobic corridors in a 20 minute preview demo (not anymore). Volterra was one of the biggest asylums in Europe, and has been dubbed as the place of no return due to the fact that many patients who were sent there never came out again.  

While the location may be based on fact, the story of this game and its protagonist Renne are pure fiction. Renne a sixteen-year-old at the time of her committal diagnosed with schizophrenia has decided to return to its labyrinthine halls thirty seven years later in a bid to uncover her lost and blurred memories. 

You are lead through the game by Renne's internal monologue. Renne is really worried about her creepy doll Charlotte, a mock up piece of cracked porcelain with eerie eyes unblinking eyes. Rennes' relationship with the doll forms a large portion of the demo and working out exactly what to do with her is a part of the puzzle that must be solved in order to progress to another area of the asylum.

The game is more slow paced and atmospheric than something like Five Nights At Freddy's, and the horror here comes from the echoes of past events and Renne's schizophrenia, rather than brushes with the paranormal. This demo suggests that there will be no real threats in the game. No boogeyman or vulgar jumpscares. 

How to register on DHG (instructions)
Posted by: dark, 2015-09-20, 16:18 - 2 comments

Today, I've been asked to to make a video about how to register on So I did, and the video is given below.... The procedure is simple and straightforward: hit register, type in your username and email, check your email for verification link, click on it and from that point on you may login to darkhorrogames....

Thanks for watching ...

Unity games do not work in Chrome anymore at all. The fix we talked about here!/ does not work anymore.

If you see a message like this:

that means that your only option if you want to play that Unity game is to switch to Firefox or Internet Explorer. This is not my decision but Google's. For some reason they decided to kill Unity in Chrome for good (probably because of some security reasons). Until WebGL comes, we'll have to use Firefox for Unity. 

I am sorry for any inconveniences you may had because of this.

DHG User Reviews
Posted by: dark, 2015-07-19, 10:48 - 3 comments

As I have said before, here and on Facebook and Google page, you are all welcome to send me your work, your game reviews or to share horror projects or whatever you are working on. I welcome that and I am willing to share that with others here on DHG and hopefully help you in promoting your work that way.

One of our friends, Lïäm Bõrg, recently contacted me with the game reviews he did about which he posted on his YouTube channel 'LiamDoesGame'. Than I asked him to speak about his favorite horror games, either those he played on DHG or those he would like to see on DHG in future. This is the video he made:

His list of suggestions is this:

  • 1. One Late Night - about a man who's working late and weird stuff starts to happen
  • 2. One Night At Flumpty's  -  Five Nights at Freddy's fan game (I am not sure about this one Liam :) )
  • 3. Swamp Sim Horror - game about Slender-Sherk chasing you (??!!)
  • 4. Vanish - I liked that one Liam, very much. This is the official trailer of that game

Liam also did a full game review of the PC game called Stairs, which I am going to embed at the end of our Stairs page here

In the end, if you run a blog, website, youtube channel, any social page or whatever, feel free to reference any of our games from, talk about us, suggest a game, do a review, and I will find a way to return a favor. 

- Dark -


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