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This eerie entertainer has been spotted this August in Green Bay area of Wisconsin, wearing creepy clown suit and black and white makeup.

Green Bay Wisconsin is dealing with a scary clown, who appearantly appears in the middle of the night holding black balloons.

Many individuals called authorities, police to be exact, about doing something about this creepy clown, but appearantly the cops said that there's nothing they can do because there are no laws barring creepy clowns from walking around with black balloons. 

Gags The Green Bay Clown Terrorizing Wisconsin Town YouTube


Welcome to the game is un upcoming horror game currently on Steam (link available down below). This game has been developer by Reflect Studios and basically it is a deep web horror game where the game consits of interactions around the deep web, looking for bits of code that you can use to string together to access a 'red room' and meanwhile hackers are trying to hack your computer and you kinda have to fend them off.  

YouTube Review

The point of the game is to surfe the Deep web with the special browser installed on your pc, to keep attackers away in order to get to the red room. The Red Room is a hidden service on the Deep WEb where you can see or participate in interactive torture and murder. Don't worry, this game is just a simulation, you won't actually be on a deep web :)

Download links:

If you follow one of the links below you will get the file called It is 382MB in size. When you unpack it with winzip or 7zip or any other unpacker, you will get the directory structure with 'WTTG.exe' executable. I have scanned the whole directory and AVG didn't report any viruses so the download seems OK. Just click on the executable file and the game begins. 

Spoiler Warning

It's a game with a twist in the end. The idea is to get you hushed into a browsing when an invited guest comes in to kindap you... 

The Witch concentrates on a family in the middle of nowhere in New England. I believe this is the 1600s. However in the woods next to these people there's a witch and so horrific s**t start happening to this family in a very subtle way.  

The thing you should know about the movie before you go out and watch it is that it is indie movie and is pretty artsy one. This movie goes for the slow burn. Slow burn is artsy film speak for a movie that was boring in quite a few things. It's not bad, it's a great movie, it's just a little bit slow.

The Witch Movie Trailer #1

The movie is not just about the witch but is very tragically dramatic because you see this entire family's foundation erode because of this witch, but none of them really know what's actually going on. And that's why this film is so great. It wasn't just about something scary, it was about how that scary thing could have an affect on the family. And so it felt more realistic and grounded. You could actually relate to these characters. And the acting was terrific. Particularly the daughter and the father. 

The Witch Trailer #2

The movie builds certain scenes out so much and it really makes you feel the true horror of the horrifying situation. It is also very tense editing long takes, slow moving slider shots. Things that can really creep up on you and get you into the film. And the style that really makes you appreciate the location. You feel this environment. It's a very claustrophobic movie. 

Also what's great is the depiction of the witch, the way they set up this character and the way she was able to do certain things was really great. 

The Witch Movie Official website:  Writer/director: Robert Eggers.

A good link that goes with the movie is Evil Takes Many Forms. You can upload your own image and make your own movie poster. Share your creation down in the comments!

The Evil takes many forms : Raven, Goat and Hare.

What is more frightening than risking your own life? It's risking the lives of your children of course. So that became an important part of the gameplay. 2Dark is an infiltration game, in which you have to save children. It's a PC and XBOX horror survival game called '2Dark' coming from Gloomywood Studio this year.

2Dark is a blend of different types of gameplay. Action, adventure, infiltration and above all rescuing children.  It'a a level-based adventure game. Each level is a challenge where you encounter a new serial killer, a new environment and new traps. You play as Smith who's searching for his kidnapped children. To do that you have explore the darkest corners of Gloomywood. Don't expect to make it all the way through on the first go. 

See those cute kids? They're the ones you need to save. At first, they follow you quitely, but getting into a serial killer lair is already tough enough, but getting out again with 10 kids, each more scary and quivering than the last, that's another story.  

2Dark is scheduled this year for Mac and Pc, and it will also be released on XBox and PS4.

Official website:

Trash-man - Possibly New Horror meme?
Posted by: dark, 2016-02-11, 11:50 - 3 comments

Trash-man - Possibly New Horror meme?

The other night I watched the 4th episode of a new X-files series entitled 'Home Again'. I'm not much of a fan of the series, but this episode attracted my attention just because it featured a really cool monster, so you might want to take a look at it. It's called "Trash-man" or originally "Band-Aid Nose Man". 

Why TrashMan is actually a very cool monster?

Band-aid nose man is kind of a work of art that's come to life. He is an urban legend around the streets, especially among the homeless people. The drawings of the Trashman appear and disappear randomly on the street walls. Most likely the drawing disappears from the wall when he is about to commit a murder. He is the protector of the homeless people, so his intentions might be good it's just he's been misdirected a little bit. He's just got more radical and brutal sense for justice.

Here're some cool features:

  • His footprints have no ridges
  • Samples collected from the crime scene leave no organic or inorganic materials identified
  • Trashman rips his victims apart like they’re paper. Head usually ends up in a kitchen bin while the rest of the human parts he carefully collects and puts inside his trash compactor.
  • When Trashman approaches, his appearance induces electrical interferences. Lights and radio go crazy.
  • There's no escape from him. Guns don't work. Walls don't stop him.
  • He leaves big smelly trail behind as an indication of his recent presence.
  • As another indication of his presence you can find green sticky mucus stains filled with worms on the floor.

Trashman official trailer


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