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What is Sad Satan? Deep Web Gaming Zone
Posted by: dark, 2016-09-06, 16:23 - 3 comments

Some of you might be familiar with the story of the infamous Deep Web game called Sad Satan.

Some of you also showed interest in this particular game, asking whether Sad Satan is real, does it exist or what is it?

The video I've found on YouTube explains it pretty much well.. I also wanted to have this subject in the form of news, so anyone can post a comment below and share an interested thought with the rest of us - horror freaks :)

So, What is Sad Satan?

Sad Satan may not be the best horror game out there but has definitely gained a lot of popularity and unnerved a lot of people. The game got people's attention after youtuber named Obscure Horror Corner uploeaded 'let's play the game' video which was supposidley sent by subscriber who wished to remain anonymous. 

The game supposidley originated on deep web, but whether this was the actual origin is unknown.

Some people speculate that that Obscure Horror Corner is actually the one that made the game. 

Once the game actually starts, the player does the walkthrough a maze like hallway, where at one point strange audio can be heard playing. As the game continues, player just walk through the hallway, as several gory picture of dead children appear on the screen. At the end of the game, screaming can be heard in the background. 

Ok, let me download the original Sad Satan game

It's little bit odd that noone seems to be able to find the ORIGINAL game anywhere, no matter how hard they searched on the Deep Web. This game might be created by Obscure Horror Corner to get publicity and anonymous informant was probably a guy who stands behind this channel. 

Sad Satan - Deep Web Horror Game - Part 1

Yes, the movie is confirmed, and Scott is going to be involved in it, but the release date is not yet set. I'll keep you posted as soon as I get any new info on this.

For now we don't even have a real trailer as the movie will probably be released next year (2017) so it's just too early for that. Instead, here's a fake trailer made by youtuber Indeimaus:

By the way, the information about the movie has been confirmed by Scott Cawthon himself. So, what we know so far is that Scott had given Warner Bros permission to make a five nights at freddy's movie. 

More details you can find here: Five Nights At Freddy's Movie 

From now own, at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights at Orlando, Florida, for additional 50$ you can experience even more realistic taste of horror, with the little help of virtual reality technology.

This new experience recently announced is called "The Repository".

It seems to be involved a mixture of live action actors and an environment as well as virtual reality technology.

Tickets go on sale on August 16th (2016) but it doesn't start before September 29th for general public.

Really interesting elaborate on why certain movie scenes are scary while others are a lot less scary made by 'Now You See It' youtube channel.

It's a little but longer and a guy goes really deep into the details but it's fun and very educational.

It turns out that to get a scare you need everything at once: the music, the timing, the script, the actors, everything has to work together or else it's not scary.

Btw, the first scene was taken from the horror movie "Lights Out" while the other one is exactly the same scene just recreated in a 'home version'. 

Do you agree with what's been said? Which scene do you find scarier?

This eerie entertainer has been spotted this August in Green Bay area of Wisconsin, wearing creepy clown suit and black and white makeup.

Green Bay Wisconsin is dealing with a scary clown, who appearantly appears in the middle of the night holding black balloons.

Many individuals called authorities, police to be exact, about doing something about this creepy clown, but appearantly the cops said that there's nothing they can do because there are no laws barring creepy clowns from walking around with black balloons. 

Gags The Green Bay Clown Terrorizing Wisconsin Town YouTube


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