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Video channel officialy open
Posted by: dark, 2014-07-20, 11:56 - 1 comments

got some creepy videos to recommend?
got some videos made by you?
what scares you the most?
here's my own compilation. (subscribe at youtube channel)

Profile editing bugs ...fixed
Posted by: dark, 2014-07-05, 15:30 - 0 comments

Several people from site told me that profile editing is not working. 
Well, It should be fixed now.

Now you can update/upload your profile image (max 300px in width/height). Choose something creepy, scary, repulsive and gore :)

You can also update your basic info, add few lines of who you are and what you like to do ...

Oh, and if you have an idea of what could be added/changed on profile page, let me know.



Two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin, USA chased her friend into the woods where they tried to commit ritual murder for Slender Man by stabbing her 19 times. They expected Slender Man to show up after they did it. 

If Slender Man is urban legend, this story is not - it is 100% real.

DarkHorrorGames on YouTube now
Posted by: dark, 2014-05-29, 11:30 - 0 comments

At the suggestion of user madiebiet, starting today darkhorrorgames has its own channel on youtube.
It is empty for now, but I will soon figure out how to fill it up. 
You are welcome to follow that channel if you like. 

MadieBiet, thank you for this nice suggestion. You just earn +100 pts !
Everyone else are also welcome to send me their suggestions on how we can together make this site better. 
I am aware that the best would be to create a new horror game. It's just that it costs some money but  I will think of something soon... we need our game...

DarkHorrorGames on Twitter now
Posted by: dark, 2014-05-25, 08:04 - 0 comments

I'm not much of a twitter guy myself. Not unless that cute little blue bird can bite a finger off.
Anyway, from now on will publish news also on twitter as well, so feel free to follow ...

darkhorrorgames on twitter image

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