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Ghost In Masung Tunnel (horror story)
Posted by: dark, 2014-10-05, 01:57 - 17 comments


  • Position the mouse over the comic area and than use the mouse wheel to slowly scroll down, frame by frame. Some parts should be animated. Let me know if not having mouse wheel is a problem for you.

Special thanks to

  • user: Cute But Scary

  • This is a short conversation I recently had with one of my senior facebook 'friends', that I'd like to share with you...The point is that I feel very proud that we have accomplished so much that older people are calling "Dark Horror games" now a  'junk', 'beyond awful', and definitely my favourite: 'plain sickening' ... This means that we have started to draw attention. Our community is definitely growing stronger. The more they hate us, the better!

    p.s. This is 100% authentic chat, I just took a screenshot.

    How to play game in full screen?
    Posted by: dark, 2014-09-16, 08:48 - 2 comments

    Dark Horror Games allows any player (both registered and unregistered) to play 99% of games in full screen, optionally.

    • a) For flash games:- Left click the 'fullscreen' button, right below the game as shown in the following image.
    • b) For Unity games:Fullscreen button should not be functional in that case. Right click anywhere on the game screen and pick the first menu option which goes 'Go Fullscreen'
    • c) If the fullscreen is not working at all, help me by sending me a message.
    Video channel officialy open
    Posted by: dark, 2014-07-20, 11:56 - 1 comments

    got some creepy videos to recommend?
    got some videos made by you?
    what scares you the most?
    here's my own compilation. (subscribe at youtube channel)

    Profile editing bugs ...fixed
    Posted by: dark, 2014-07-05, 15:30 - 0 comments

    Several people from site told me that profile editing is not working. 
    Well, It should be fixed now.

    Now you can update/upload your profile image (max 300px in width/height). Choose something creepy, scary, repulsive and gore :)

    You can also update your basic info, add few lines of who you are and what you like to do ...

    Oh, and if you have an idea of what could be added/changed on profile page, let me know.



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