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Spooky Quiz by Patrick W
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-23, 17:55 - 0 comments

Our friend Patrick Wentzell wanted to share with you this spooky quiz which I belive he wrote by himslef. He has sent me a message on Facebook with the following content, and sinse I liked it very much, I decided to copy and pase it for you here, without changing a single word. I hope you'll like it too. 

Quiz begins here ->

I have a fun quiz for you all ready here it is horror survival quiz just type what answer you think is best.   

1. At night through dark woods you see a scary old person slowly walking towards you this person does not make a sound and is see through what do you do?          

  • A. Say hello to apparition.
  • B. Invite this ghost over to your house?
  • C. Figure it will ignore you if you don't move.
  • D. Runaway from it.

2. Zombies are out on the street and just a short distance from your house so the best course is:

  • A. Kindly say to the Zombies please move away from my  house thank you.
  • B. Throw tissues at them to get a message they need to go some place else.
  • C. Fight them all at once with a stick.
  • D. Get as far away from them as possible and seek help from others alive as you.

3. At an Office where you work the very young Hot beautiful attractive boss female is a vampire she promises to give you immortality and eternal youth cause she wants to be with you forever after thinking about it for a little while you decide to.....                 

  • A. Take her offer let her turn you into a blood sucking vampire to be with her.
  • B. Choose that you want to be with her but ask her to please not change you into an undead being an just want to marry her.
  • C. Do what Buffy would do and stake her risking not having a job anymore.
  • D. You try some kind of David Duchovny  X--File tactic and try exposing the truth out there to nlet the world know vampires are real.

4. There is a special diamond in a store it makes the perfect gift for someone after buying it you realize the item you have just purchased carries along a very age old curse the possessor of this item is cursed what do you do?

  • A. Return the item for store credit try getting your money back.
  • B. You give the diamond to someone else thinking it's going to be that persons problem from now on instead of yours.
  • C. Sell it on ebay after all you want more than what you paid for it.
  • D. Live with this curse even though it brings bad fortune all of the time.

After a nice walk in the park a very good friend you know reveals a secret of being a werewolf and the wolf inside the person will not kill you but eat other people instead it is the hardest thing to ever except but then.                  

  • A. Let this person know you are alright with this.
  • B. Chain the friend up for life but will decide to give him meat every now and then.
  • C. Let a circus make this person one of the star attractions.
  • D. Take the friend to an animal hospital ask the doctor to cure the person of the were wolf condition believing it is possible.

This concludes my Halloween Quiz for now, and there will be more next time. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers in this, only just what you choose, so like JigSaw I tell you make your choice.

... So, what would you do?  Dark
Pathologic - Russian Horror Remake
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-22, 06:50 - 0 comments

The Marble Nest is the upcoming psychological horror game, the continuation of Pathologic, game about fighting plague, made by Russian developers.

I rarely suggest new games for PC, XBOX PS4 and whatnot, simply because I am all into online gaming, so I don't do that, unless! - the game is really really good. And after only having a quick preview of Pathologic's trailer, I think this game has so much to offer, from the perspective of twisted dark horrror of course. Tall black human-shaped doll-like creatures wearing white masks, half-naked lady dancing in the graveyard apparently not being from this world, dark rustical tone of mysery. Put the label 'made in Russia' onto that, and I wanna hear more. 

Let's have a look:

The game is called 'The Marble Nest' and is a remake of Pathologic 2005 psychological horror . The enemy you were fighting here is plague, so I guess white masks those black creatures are wearing must have been inspired by masks plague doctors used to wear in middle ages (except for the big noses). I am referringhere to Bubonic plague, or "Black Death".

You can grab your free demo copy only over Steam right here: the Marble Nest demo download

The Rings 2017 Is Coming Out In February
Posted by: dark, 2017-02-02, 13:41 - 1 comments

If you played our game The Grudge, which is made after the movie, than you probably also know about the american version movie The Ring. You know, little girl named Samara, long black hair, coming out of TV box. This movie is getting a brand new sequel this February, so I if you have time you should definitely watch it. 

Paramount Pictures film studio have put online several trailer, where the first one is particularly interesting, showing how Samara put an entire plane in danger. The other one called 'watch me' is a classic. 

In the end I couldn't help looking for The Ring pranks on youtube, so this one came up as one of the best :) And remember the slogan, "First you watch it, than you die!"

Hello Neighbor - Self study horror game
Posted by: dark, 2017-02-02, 13:02 - 0 comments

The main object of the game is to make your way to your neighbour's basement and it's harder than it sounds. Hello Neighbor is a first-person tactical puzzler with unpredictable plot since it utilizes AI to fight you as a player. 

There's a lot of diverted opinions coming from the players of alpha releases whether this game is actually scary or not. While some call it one of the most terrifying, nerve wrecking, intense games other are rather disappointing, since there are no good jump-scares and the ending is also a little bit disappointing as well. 

It's the game where our job is to get into the blue house, our neighbor's house, and figure out his secret. His secret is hidden behind the door which has a board on it and also has a padlock, and a key code area. 

What makes this game unique is that as we try to get into there, and there's a good chance that we're gonna fail, but if we fail, we get punished for it and the game gets even harder, because the game "learns" how to beat us! Yes, this game is a self study artificial intelligent horror. Can you imagine that?

The game may be freely downloaded from this location here at which is the official game website.  You may play pre alpha release and alpha 1 for free, since the game is still in development phase. If you still decide to pay for it, which is about 30 bucks, you get to download even more alpha releases, 3 and 4 I believe. The developer has promised that we will see a whole game until the summer of 2017. 

Once more, the key points of the game are 

  • Stealth Horror
  • Procedural AI
  • Pixar-style visuals
  • Extremely tense gameplay

, but I think that the most important part is 'procedural ai'. You see, the more you play any game, you get better, so at some point you are able to finish it and after a while, the game gets easy, or in other words boring. But here, the game collects all your tries, the movies, the strategy, and it learns your style, so it can effectively fight back. Therefore, as you get better with time, the game also gets better so you may say that it's a fair fight and it won't get boring that easily. It's a really smart and interesting approach and that's why this game is condemned to success, amo. what do you say?

I wish to all of you guys Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2017. These photos are to remind you not to get carried away by Christmas Spirit, and keep in mind that evil lurks all the time and comes in so many different forms. Who knows who's behind that Santa's mask. Stay alert and keep your eyes opened. See you next year :)

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