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Horror Game Visage
Posted by: dark, 2017-05-14, 16:36 - 0 comments

If you're looking for a horror game recommendation, try Visage by SadSquare Studio. First, take a look at this trailer:

Creepy :) 

Visage game is still in production, actually, it is in alpha, so I hope we will soon see a playable teaser. The game should become available this year on XBOX, PS4, and PC (looking forward to the last one). At this moment I think it's still just a project on Kickstarter and it's development highly depends on peoples' donations. 

Here's another trailer, the extended version:

"Death that comes at the hands of hate leaves traces ..."

This definitely looks like Silent Hill's PT, so if you're a fan of the series, here's a game for you. The sound effect should be better though. But this is definitely a Silent Hills P.T Successor or Allison Road. 

The game already has it's own Wikipedia page, right here: As explained there, the gameplay is about discovering the old house history and the stories behind deaths of people who used to live there. It's a survival horror game.

I couldn't find a download link yet, so stay tuned, and as soon as one appears you will be the first to know. 

Unity ditched!
Posted by: dark, 2017-04-20, 15:43 - 2 comments

Just short notice. I've removed 'UNITY' from categories menu, simply because Firefox too ditched Unity - just like Chrome did a while go. The only browser that still works for Unity is Internet Explorer. Edge is not working either. So, if you know how to start Internet Explorer, this link will still work:

IE is located here (copy/paste from Windows Explorer\File Explorer)
%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories

Game Of Terror - YouTube
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-31, 06:44 - 0 comments

The other day, one of our friends drew my attention to one of those so called YouTube interactive games which is called 'Game of Terror'. YouTube was used to be based on Flash technology and recently, actually a couple of years ago, they turned to HTLM5 which would normally get me into conclusion that YT would than be capable of playing normal games based on HTML 5. The fact is that it is not and probably not going to be any time soon. Yet, some slick developers are finding their way to utilizy YouTube as is, in order to produce simple but effective interactive quiz-like games.

Game of Terror is a no exception to that. It's a horror interactive game, a jumpscare trivia, where you answer simple questions given in a form of multiple choices based on some specific situation. Depending on your choice, the gameplay changes as the video marker jumps back and forth to a specific location. There's nothing magical going on in the background. It's like as if you moved the slider to a certain time and played the video from that point on. The video obviously pauses because you're not being timely restricted when choosing your answers.

The spoiler is below. Those are all the correct answers you will need, but I think there's way much fun in checking out all the other alternative routes and endings. The goal of the game is to give right answers to avoid jumpscare. 

Game Of Terror spoiler/answers

  • Answer 1: Photo on far Left
  • Answer 2: Black Aggie
  • Answer 3: False
  • Answer 4: The Greys
  • Answer 5: To appease the dead girls spirit
  • Answer 6: 2nd clown from the right

Spooky Quiz by Patrick W
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-23, 17:55 - 0 comments

Our friend Patrick Wentzell wanted to share with you this spooky quiz which I belive he wrote by himslef. He has sent me a message on Facebook with the following content, and sinse I liked it very much, I decided to copy and pase it for you here, without changing a single word. I hope you'll like it too. 

Quiz begins here ->

I have a fun quiz for you all ready here it is horror survival quiz just type what answer you think is best.   

1. At night through dark woods you see a scary old person slowly walking towards you this person does not make a sound and is see through what do you do?          

  • A. Say hello to apparition.
  • B. Invite this ghost over to your house?
  • C. Figure it will ignore you if you don't move.
  • D. Runaway from it.

2. Zombies are out on the street and just a short distance from your house so the best course is:

  • A. Kindly say to the Zombies please move away from my  house thank you.
  • B. Throw tissues at them to get a message they need to go some place else.
  • C. Fight them all at once with a stick.
  • D. Get as far away from them as possible and seek help from others alive as you.

3. At an Office where you work the very young Hot beautiful attractive boss female is a vampire she promises to give you immortality and eternal youth cause she wants to be with you forever after thinking about it for a little while you decide to.....                 

  • A. Take her offer let her turn you into a blood sucking vampire to be with her.
  • B. Choose that you want to be with her but ask her to please not change you into an undead being an just want to marry her.
  • C. Do what Buffy would do and stake her risking not having a job anymore.
  • D. You try some kind of David Duchovny  X--File tactic and try exposing the truth out there to nlet the world know vampires are real.

4. There is a special diamond in a store it makes the perfect gift for someone after buying it you realize the item you have just purchased carries along a very age old curse the possessor of this item is cursed what do you do?

  • A. Return the item for store credit try getting your money back.
  • B. You give the diamond to someone else thinking it's going to be that persons problem from now on instead of yours.
  • C. Sell it on ebay after all you want more than what you paid for it.
  • D. Live with this curse even though it brings bad fortune all of the time.

After a nice walk in the park a very good friend you know reveals a secret of being a werewolf and the wolf inside the person will not kill you but eat other people instead it is the hardest thing to ever except but then.                  

  • A. Let this person know you are alright with this.
  • B. Chain the friend up for life but will decide to give him meat every now and then.
  • C. Let a circus make this person one of the star attractions.
  • D. Take the friend to an animal hospital ask the doctor to cure the person of the were wolf condition believing it is possible.

This concludes my Halloween Quiz for now, and there will be more next time. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers in this, only just what you choose, so like JigSaw I tell you make your choice.

... So, what would you do?  Dark
Pathologic - Russian Horror Remake
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-22, 06:50 - 0 comments

The Marble Nest is the upcoming psychological horror game, the continuation of Pathologic, game about fighting plague, made by Russian developers.

I rarely suggest new games for PC, XBOX PS4 and whatnot, simply because I am all into online gaming, so I don't do that, unless! - the game is really really good. And after only having a quick preview of Pathologic's trailer, I think this game has so much to offer, from the perspective of twisted dark horrror of course. Tall black human-shaped doll-like creatures wearing white masks, half-naked lady dancing in the graveyard apparently not being from this world, dark rustical tone of mysery. Put the label 'made in Russia' onto that, and I wanna hear more. 

Let's have a look:

The game is called 'The Marble Nest' and is a remake of Pathologic 2005 psychological horror . The enemy you were fighting here is plague, so I guess white masks those black creatures are wearing must have been inspired by masks plague doctors used to wear in middle ages (except for the big noses). I am referringhere to Bubonic plague, or "Black Death".

You can grab your free demo copy only over Steam right here: the Marble Nest demo download

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