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Lovecraft Tales - Point and click horror in development-News

Lovecraft Tales is interesting point and click horror adventure, based on "The Whisperer in Darkness", currently crowdfunding.

Sometimes I indulge people asking for assistance, to spread the word about ongoing horror project, usually the game. First, let me get one thing straight, I do that absolutely for free, or I don't do it at all.

This indie game is silently made for about 3 years, and despite there are few people behind it, it truly looks great. It's called Lovecraft Tales, and it may be one of most interesting games taking place in Lovecraftian universe, from few reasons. First, it doesn't focus on "The Call of Cthulu", which is bit overused, it's based on "The Whisperer in Darkness", which makes it interesting. Another important thing is visual side, inspired by 19th century paintings, which fits perfectly for H.P Lovecraft works. 

Despite it's truly worth it, it doesn't get enough contributions. It would be shame to bury such promising and good looking project.

So, I'd like to share info about this cool horror point click game which is in the middle of indiegogo campaign, that is it's crowdfunding. If you're in the position and willing to contribute, here's the link.

There's even free demo available on campaign page on indiegogo.

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