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Horror News Recap for December 2014-News

Horror News Recap for December 2014
Posted by: dark, 2014-12-08, 16:01 - 4 comments

I've collected a few (potentially) interesting things from across the interweb I'd like to share with you guys. So let's see what's been happening in the past month or so in the world of Horror (not necessarily gaming). I'll be short because, first - I hate to read and write long reviews, and second - as you can tell from the image below - we need to hurry as Santa has never been closer.

image of Santa is coming...

Stephen King's horror movie IT is getting its remake soon

image of Stephen King IT scary clown...

Probably next summer, the filming of a new remake of the old phenomenal horror movie based on Stephen King's book of the same name 'IT' it going to start . The producer will be Dan Lin, the very same guy who made Lego Movie (!?#!?). "IT" was one of the best all-time horror movies. Plot is set in a small town Derry, Maine, where group of kids (Loser's Club) is attempting to get rid of deadly evil "Pennywise the dancing Clown". "Georgie Scene" was my favorite ... Amazing acting in the scene when he goes: "Oh they float, Georgie, they float ... " :) :) :)

Earn to Die 2 is out

Award winning zombie head smasher 2nd sequel is finally out. Your goal in this game remains the same - go through each city and smash through the hordes of human flash-eaters. Not the type of game you would expect to see published on, but in a few days I will put it up on (which is far less formal in terms of what proper horror should look like)

image of Earn To Die Part 2

'The Last Door' Collectors Edition Out Now For iOS And Android

Award winning point and click horror adventure has been published for Android and IOS as new "Collectors" edition. The game contains first 4 episodes, with few new locations, some graphical improvements and bonus content. As you know the game has been made by The Game Kitchen, while it's been on Steam since may 2014 (published by Phoenix Online). Here are the last door online games published here so far.

image of The Last Door: Collector's Edition

Ebola man rising from the dead is fake!

You must have heard the story which circulated in media past few days about a man who was first reported to have died from Ebola and than, just few hours later, resurrected from dead . "Man Dies From Ebola & Comes Back To Life" flooded the Internet with viral stories about the beginning of zombie apocalypse. In the end, it all turned out to be a complete hoax. Photo used for this hoax was slightly photoshoped still from World War Z horror movie. Generally speaking, rising from the dead is possible. If you don't believe me - search in YouTube for 'Soviet Expiriment resurected dead'.

image of Ebola risen from dead zombie

Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) launched for Halloween

image of Slenderman Origins 2

Just in time for Halloween, this October, Bigzur has released Slenderman Origins 2 on Google Play and AppStore. I tried to contact them and see if we can have this game on, so we'll see. For now, either play this on your mobile phone or just watch the video below...

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  • avatar
    serialzero (3975) - 2015-01-28, 10:23
    It's a shame that It wasn't well received, because Tim Curry is awesome. Even my mom, who is a big fan of both Tim Curry and Stephen King didn't like it. Maybe they'll do better the second time around.

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2015-01-16, 13:45
    a remake of Stephen King's "IT" :) I just hope it's gonna be a good remake :)
    I love Stephen King's books :)

  • avatar
    cute_but_scary (1672) - 2014-12-23, 08:12
    hmmmmm...... good , very good

  • avatar
    Scarecrow (768) - 2014-12-23, 05:01
    I'm very excited about IT being remade, I wonder if they'll include the "turtle" in this one.

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