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Horror Games For PC-News

Horror Games For PC
Posted by: dark, 2015-01-21, 13:31 - 5 comments

Just recently I decided to give in and allow PC games on 

After having Five Nights at Freddy's series (part1 and part2), I've just made a page about SCP Containment Breach horror game.

New horror games will not be visible under 'NEWEST GAMES'. Instead, you would have to scroll down and check under 'HORROR GAMES FOR PC'. There's also a tag 'PC' in the lower right corner and a tag 'pc games' in top menu.

If you played good horror game, why don't you tell us about it in comments below... Free, mostly indie horror games, which can be downloaded for free, are preferred. 

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  • avatar
    Michael Metzger (328) - 2015-08-26, 07:02
    I think that Dead Space 1 and 2 should be added to Dark Horror Games. That would be awesome! and besides, Dead Space is really scary, and that's what Dark Horror Games is all about.

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-04-17, 07:44
    @serialzero sorry for late reply. It's not that easy to implement that, it really isn't... sorry

  • avatar
    serialzero (3975) - 2015-01-28, 10:27
    Is there any possibility of adding the ability to edit your own comments? Sometimes I get annoyed with myself if I make a typo or didn't quite phrase something the way I initially meant to. It's not a huge deal if you can't, it's just something I figured I'd take a shot at bringing up. ^_^

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-01-26, 05:50
    @RaisaAlim Thanks for asking. I've made that as an option for users with minimum of 50 points.

  • avatar
    Vincent Bishop FNAF (2646) - 2015-01-23, 06:47
    @Dark,could you make an option of changing profile name in editing profile,please?That would be good.:)

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