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Game Of Terror - YouTube-News

Game Of Terror - YouTube
Posted by: dark, 2017-03-31, 06:44 - 4 comments

The other day, one of our friends drew my attention to one of those so called YouTube interactive games which is called 'Game of Terror'. YouTube was used to be based on Flash technology and recently, actually a couple of years ago, they turned to HTLM5 which would normally get me into conclusion that YT would than be capable of playing normal games based on HTML 5. The fact is that it is not and probably not going to be any time soon. Yet, some slick developers are finding their way to utilizy YouTube as is, in order to produce simple but effective interactive quiz-like games.

Game of Terror is a no exception to that. It's a horror interactive game, a jumpscare trivia, where you answer simple questions given in a form of multiple choices based on some specific situation. Depending on your choice, the gameplay changes as the video marker jumps back and forth to a specific location. There's nothing magical going on in the background. It's like as if you moved the slider to a certain time and played the video from that point on. The video obviously pauses because you're not being timely restricted when choosing your answers.

The spoiler is below. Those are all the correct answers you will need, but I think there's way much fun in checking out all the other alternative routes and endings. The goal of the game is to give right answers to avoid jumpscare. 

Game Of Terror spoiler/answers

  • Answer 1: Photo on far Left
  • Answer 2: Black Aggie
  • Answer 3: False
  • Answer 4: The Greys
  • Answer 5: To appease the dead girls spirit
  • Answer 6: 2nd clown from the right

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    ChochiPRO (1641) - 2020-08-12, 12:29
    TERROR :)

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    pikachu88 (20) - 2019-01-30, 08:00
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    pikachu88 (20) - 2019-01-30, 07:58
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    Creepyalex (5244) - 2017-09-09, 17:04
    Let's give a round of applause for youtube because it's trying haha
    But seriously the idea isn't so bad, I can see this turning into something pretty cool in the future.

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