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Firefox is blocking Flash-News

Firefox is blocking Flash
Posted by: dark, 2015-07-15, 22:42 - 3 comments

Temporarily, Firefox decided to block Flash, so games won't work from there. You have several option to fix this:
  • a) Unblock Flash for each and every gaming site. To accomplish this, click on 'Activate Adobe Flash' and than choose 'Allow and remember' from the top left corner of the browser.
  • b) Install (update to) the latest Flash version (this might be tricky as Firefox will also try to block you do that.
  • c) Switch to IE or Chrome

If you have any questions or comments, plz ask away or share with us... I just hope that Flash isn't dying.

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    Marcelino (292) - 2015-11-13, 11:14
    thanks bro it's 1000% works

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2015-07-16, 13:40
    I wasn't on for a while and i really had some problems...I tried to download DOOM 2 but at last it didn't work.The problem was that my opera browser got completely fu*ked up,by that i mean that it showed illegal ads and blah blah similar stuff.Now i switched to google and it is even worse.I can still play flash but not unity.I will somehow fix it later once.And i hope too that flash isn't dying because there are many people who use firefox.

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-07-15, 22:43
    how did you resolve this issue?

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