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Darkhorrorgames is down!-News

Darkhorrorgames is down!
Posted by: dark, 2017-09-16, 18:59 - 5 comments

It was my bad, I f***ed it up!If you had trouble accessing website during the day, sorry about that. An error from Namecheap is what it is  - I forgot to pay for the domain - Can you believe that? My heart stopped when I saw the error message. Anyway, it usually takes a couple of hours for a domain to propagate properly, so I apologize for a downtime you might have experienced. 

Generally, if you are techie person, you may want to speed up things about dns propagation and set some public and secured free and open dns such as comodo:

I've noticed that they propagate quicker than google dns:

For instance, if you want to set Comodo DNS for faster access you need to do the following:

  • 1. click windows button and type view network status and tasks
  • 2. click change adapter settings
  • 3. right click on the Ethernet adapter and choose Properties
  • 4. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / Ipv4) and click Properties or double-click
  • 5. Click on Change the following DNS server address:

    Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server
  • 6. Click OK and Close.
  • Restart the browser and that's it.

BTW, the message you've been seeing when trying to access was like this one:

Thanks for staying with us and for being a loyal dark horror games fan!

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  • avatar
    motorman (275) - 2023-08-13, 20:25
    thank yu for telling us. goin dark is a true nightmare...

  • avatar
    Shadow_Wolf (87) - 2021-09-07, 10:46
    What about when it shows the Adobe thing? What do we do about that? I cant play any of the games.

  • avatar
    BadEverDayXD (3693) - 2018-10-08, 23:13
    thank *W*

  • avatar
    RitsuNamineQ (1501) - 2018-04-02, 16:58
    I noticed the bug! Thank you for telling us, at first I thought there was something wrong with my computer. I'm glad it's back to normal now! :)

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2017-09-24, 17:05
    oh, thank you for letting us know. Honestly, it scared me to death , I thought I'll never be able to access again ... it was a nightmare! -_-

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