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DarkHorrorGames has become beyond awful, finally!-News

This is a short conversation I recently had with one of my senior facebook 'friends', that I'd like to share with you...The point is that I feel very proud that we have accomplished so much that older people are calling "Dark Horror games" now a  'junk', 'beyond awful', and definitely my favourite: 'plain sickening' ... This means that we have started to draw attention. Our community is definitely growing stronger. The more they hate us, the better!

p.s. This is 100% authentic chat, I just took a screenshot.

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  • avatar
    lonely neko (186) - 2014-12-17, 10:07
    why some people hate this website? I love it~ well I love horror games.. XD

  • avatar
    HellaRadKawaiiCat (1074) - 2014-11-19, 00:12
    Haha that's awesome! Im glad this site is getting so much attention nowadays.

  • avatar
    KevShin007 (1326) - 2014-11-15, 05:23
    like a boss!

  • avatar
    Sharkgirlgalia (368) - 2014-11-05, 17:48
    Finally. I always hoped that this site would get more attention!!!

  • avatar
    Scarecrow (768) - 2014-10-23, 01:59
    Meh, haters are going to hate! Nothing wrong with playing horror games now and then. It's good to have the old adrenaline pumping from jumpscares!

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2014-10-14, 18:39
    Playing horror games here and there, from time to time cannot hurt anyone. When I was a kid, I used to watch horror movies all the time, but not like 24/7 :) It is perfectly normal to want to be scared from time to time. It is good to learn and know your own limits. fear is good in small dosages. fear is essential for human kind survival. But only in just small and normal dosages.
    Anyway, your father should know what's best for you so you should listen to him.
    Some games here contain gore scenes that should not be played by small kids and are not meant to be played by them. Listen to your father as I said....

  • avatar
    Vincent Bishop FNAF (2646) - 2014-10-07, 12:05
    I let my father play slender the nine pages.Now he hates me 'cause why I play this type of game?But truth is I don't play horror games too much.He thinks I play horror games all time.

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2014-10-05, 02:23
    I've been asked already about the points. How would you like me to handle them? What would you like to get in exchange for points?

  • avatar
    draygal (37) - 2014-09-30, 17:32
    Well played :)

  • avatar
    Lord Legender (464) - 2014-09-24, 09:09
    what do you do with points?

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