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Bongcheon-Dong Ghost story-News

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost story
Posted by: dark, 2014-11-09, 03:50 - 7 comments

This webtoon contains shocking horror scenes and whatnot, so don't read it unless you're 100 positive that you are OK with the content. I mean, who would know that better than you (advised reader discrection for pregnant women?!?)


  • Position the mouse over the comic area and than use the mouse wheel to slowly scroll down, frame by frame. Some parts should be animated. Let me know if not having mouse wheel is a problem for you.

Special thanks to

  • Scarecrow mentioned Bongcheon-Dong Ghost story, and Cute But Scary recommended it in PM, so I had no choice but publishing it :)

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    • avatar
      serialzero (3975) - 2015-01-26, 06:47
      I'd heard of this story before, and knew what was involved, but it still made me jump despite being braced for it. XD
      Awesome story. One of the panels is kind of funny though. It describes the woman's limbs being all twisted and whatnot, then it says, "and what's worse, her hair was all messed up". I would think someone's limbs being broken would be way scarier than them having bed head. LOL

    • avatar
      FoxyPirate56912 (247) - 2015-01-10, 06:23
      The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost story is the scariest story I have ever read I nearly broke my leg reading this

    • avatar
      cute_but_scary (1672) - 2014-11-15, 04:49
      thanks dark for posting it :)

    • avatar
      Lord Legender (464) - 2014-11-14, 08:55
      you know its going to be scary when it has a medical warning at the beginning...

    • avatar
      Scarecrow (768) - 2014-11-09, 15:14
      This is great XD

    • avatar
      Creepyalex (5244) - 2014-11-09, 07:43
      Old but gold :D
      Thanks for posting it!

    • avatar
      dark (5461) - 2014-11-09, 04:29
      iframing has it's limitations, sorry about that...other than that, good horror story.

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