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About 'Chat'-News

About 'Chat'
Posted by: dark, 2015-11-17, 16:09 - 4 comments

As you can see, there's a 'chat' menu item in the top right corner. It opens up in a separate window. You don't have to be logged in in order to use chat and you may use any nick you want, so don't trust nobody.

If someone says he's 'dark', don't trust he really is. 

If I say I am dark, don't trust me.

Chat is sort of a shoutbox, made just for fun.If it doesn't work well, let me know. Actually there isn't much I could do if it doesn't work well, but I can change it with something else.Let's see if this works.

Oh, and one more thing. This thing doesn't save messages. It just enables chat with people currently online. Nothing else. Your messages will be there as long as you keep that window opened.  You may play game in one windows and chat in another.


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  • avatar
    RitsuNamineQ (1501) - 2015-11-23, 11:22
    Cool Idea :D

  • avatar
    Marcelino (292) - 2015-11-18, 01:12
    thanks for make my idea come true

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2015-11-17, 17:08
    Pretty good idea. It isn't always a success but i hope this one will be good. For example warmerise had a good chat but after that the new chat drove it to hell.

  • avatar
    dark (5461) - 2015-11-17, 16:12
    The idea about chat came from Marcelino who has sent me a message today. Why not, let's try..

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