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2Dark - Upcoming Rescue The Children Survival Horror-News

What is more frightening than risking your own life? It's risking the lives of your children of course. So that became an important part of the gameplay. 2Dark is an infiltration game, in which you have to save children. It's a PC and XBOX horror survival game called '2Dark' coming from Gloomywood Studio this year.

2Dark is a blend of different types of gameplay. Action, adventure, infiltration and above all rescuing children.  It'a a level-based adventure game. Each level is a challenge where you encounter a new serial killer, a new environment and new traps. You play as Smith who's searching for his kidnapped children. To do that you have explore the darkest corners of Gloomywood. Don't expect to make it all the way through on the first go. 

See those cute kids? They're the ones you need to save. At first, they follow you quitely, but getting into a serial killer lair is already tough enough, but getting out again with 10 kids, each more scary and quivering than the last, that's another story.  

2Dark is scheduled this year for Mac and Pc, and it will also be released on XBox and PS4.

Official website:

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  • avatar
    Death_Specter (151) - 2016-06-07, 20:27

  • avatar
    scary_kid (5862) - 2016-06-07, 18:24
    this looks awesome ;) I do remember playing Crooked Man which is one of my fav games ever :) and this one looks pretty much like Crooked Man so I can't wait to play it :)

  • avatar
    Scientist (2717) - 2016-03-26, 19:15
    This one should be interesting. I am pretty sure the concept is new and no game had this yet. We will see :D

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