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Well, it's nothing too special. But not too bad, it's a normal 2D zombie shooter, the moving is kinda useless, though. I will go play 7 Days to Die, found a cracked version, no steam or torrent required, but the version is old, might be good for Dark Horror Games. 8/10
It's pretty good for Scratch, there are some glitches tho. For now, it is a good enough 7/10 tho.
That door riddle behind the curtain is way too extreme. But a good game, I also think the narrator is way too calm. 8/10
I can see some potential for this game, it could get better in the future. It's not really that scary at the moment. Could be better, I also think the player is too small compared to the world, but hey, that might just be part of the art style, and I like that, music seems fine too. 7/10
I don't know why, but I couldn't do the ending, I wanted to kill him with the saw but it didn't work, mouse was highlighted red but I clicked and nothing happened, I'll consider it beaten without walkthrough. ( I watched the walkthrough at the end when I had the saw ) It was a pretty thrilling game, good job. If that happened to me in real life, I would just keep the knife or axe and directly kill him.
The cat jumpscare was pretty good but it was kinda stupid you couldn't use the knife at any time, I wanted to use the TV as distraction, so the intruder comes into the room and I could stab his neck from behind...
Game: Maryse
Yeah it is really very short. I would love something like a sequel to it but longer. The soundtrack is really good. I played it a while back... one of those games i forgot to comment on and rate.
Game: Udom Nebdon
@cordelia idk why but i actually enjoyed the controls... i recommend tank controls if you know how to play DOOM 1 or 2 with the keyboard (without mouse support).
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