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I'd give it a 2/5. The music is okay, I guess. But the game in itself is pretty easy and pointless. The font in the main menu is low resolution and Slenderman looks like a slightly thicker version of the South Park aliens.
The game has some movement glitches, the character would just go randomly. But it was still playable... I guess everything is playable after playing Hellrasier. I'm giving it a 8/10
I guess it's kinda creepy. Nothing out of the ordinary. The music could have been scarier though. 4/5
I think the basic concept from what I've noticed of Kogama is interesting, it can be viewed as something like a shitty alternative to Unity, allowing 3D games in any browser. So now that I'm back to casually playing browser games, ( I was a pirate during the times I was offline ) I've noticed that Warmerise was a shooter with perfect and complicated balance. 'Cause it seems like making a multiplayer game powered by Unity or anything for browsers is very difficult without lag. So I'm sorry for complaining about the new maps update being a little laggy. Should launch back today, tomorrow, or some time in summer though. I'm giving this game a 2/5. Even though a part of me wants to give a 1/5, it has no scary factor at all, and I feel like a played a horror game for babies.
This game gives me that WTF is going on setting again. It is random, yeah, random TERROR. I think the concept is nice, the art style was nice and that combat system ( ? ) was kinda weird. 4/5
I didn't think I'll have to kill the "fucking nasty cat". It's funny that it APPARENTLY came from the mind of the girl. The voice acting was kinda hilarious. That ending though. She just fell and the killer is just: "OH!" and dies.They could have just called it Free Ice Cream instead of Creepy Dude with Axe. He's just using a butcher knife. This game combined disgust and funny at the same time. I guess this is how this guy goes past the cops. Hides the children in pig bodies. 3.5/5.
I love how savage the girl is. She's not afraid or cries when using bear traps and axes. I accidentally killed the cat though when testing if I could kill the father with the trap :( I noticed I can break the door free and almost attacked the sister, but first dropped the axe. I noticed the toilet monster did have a meaning. It was short. The music and "fatalities" were good though. Just wish it wasn't so short. 4/5
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