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Deep Sleep The Last Door - Prologue Deeper Sleep Undead Isle The Last Door - Chapter 3 Killer Escape Black Rose The Deepest Sleep Dungeon Nightmares Catharsis Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space The Last Door - Chapter 4 Slender Micro Curse Village Defense SCP - Containment Breach Don't Escape 2 - The Outbreak It Moves Don't Escape 3 Cube Escape - The Mill Seasons - Rusty Lake Cube Escape Puzzles
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I've heard that music in the Yet Another Zombie Defense game on Steam too. Makes me curious about who the original artist is.
Played this again on a different site, and it still froze after I talked to the dude in the cloak who knocks on your door. XP
Huh. Hadn't heard of this one before. Pretty awesome concept!
HA! Watched MrKravin's playthrough of this. The sound effects and lighting are actually pretty damn fantastic. XD
Heh. That was amusing. Kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. XD
Wow! This one surprised me. Great artwork, good voice acting, simple but effective premise, and an interesting gameplay style.
The art and the voice acting is really good, but the game itself lags like all holy hell, which is surprising for a point-and-click title. XP
I'm continuously impressed with how intelligent and creative Rusty Lake's puzzles are. X3
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