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Welcome to DarkHorrorGames (DHG) Online Games

DarkHorrorGames is a website devoted only to horror online games. We don't care about zombies or monsters unless they bring in the atmosphere of pure evil and a sticky sense of blood and absolute horror. Online games will give you a glimpse at what older rated console games are like.

So, what does make a horror game scary?

Online horror games are slightly more popular now because they are severely underserved in the PC and games console world. Horror games are almost none existent, since most horror premises are co-opted into action games. Apparently, hunting down aliens or genetic mutations is no longer a subject for scary games, and is just used as an excuse for another action game. There have been some scary games in the past. Silent Hill 1 and 2 were frightening, as were the early Resident Evil games, with Resident Evil 4 winning all the prizes. Dead Space has its moments, as does Manhunt.

What is so scary about horror games?

With games like Manhunt, it is probably the sheer violence. With Slender (the 3D versions), it is the creepy feeling of being followed. With the Resident evil games, it is the silent arena that makes those scary moments more shocking. Plus, most of the Resident evil games put you against increasingly difficult foes with increasingly less ammo.

Silent hill 1 and 2 were the scariest, due in part to the difficult the handle controls, the feeling of isolation, the very scary noises and music, and the general lack of visibility. Other games have tried to recreate this by not allowing the user to see the floor, but it does not recreate what Silent Hill 1 and 2 managed to achieve.

Are scary online games hit or miss?

Yes they are. But, it always seems to be the ones that show you too much that are the biggest losers. Even with a point-and-click game, if you are only shown a quick flash of possible something, then it is better than the severed head in the paper basket. The popup scary pranks in the games are okay, but they become tired for the more hardcore horror gamer. It is the ones that tease you more that are the best, such as if you click on a photo to have a closer look, and you think you see the little girl in the picture blink.

WARNING: Some images in games on this website might be disturbing for you. Yet, there is no risk or personal/emotional investment, so if you see something that you don't like, simply close the window.

UPDATE: Due to the increased interest in the escape games I decided to initiate a new project entitled Cool Escape Games, which contains not only horror but also all other types of escape games, such as house, prison and room escape

Dark Horror Comments

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  • SavyApocalypseSavyApocalypse commented on Ghostescape : That was fun ^_^
  • darkdark commented on Slender The Nine Pages : I just heard from a guy who made this awesome game. Actually I asked him if he could make another one:) His name is Artur Petrzak and he is from Poland. He did this 2 years ago, just as a hobby. Unfortunately he doesn't have time to do new game, not for now. Nice to hear from him though.
  • glitch36glitch36 commented on Slender Micro : this game sucks
  • Lord LegenderLord Legender commented on Minotaur Maze : Anybody else singing "mini miniature-ture" when you were playing?
  • Lord LegenderLord Legender commented on Slender Micro : THAT WAS KARP. i found all five pages, then he insta killed me, he wasnt even near me!
  • s3ns3n commented on Slender Micro : not zat difficult just keep[ moving
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Sinthai Helloween : Was pretty frustrated at first, until I realized all I had to do was just keep clicking on the same two or three things over and over again. Pretty creepy visuals. I'd like to see what this guy can do with a more involved game.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Lodge Massacre 2 : Hmm, they seem to be a lot more stingy with the bullets in this one. Got stuck fairly early. -_-
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Slender Micro : Simple, but fun. I never thought a Slender game could be so cute. XD
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Urbex : Ugh. Not terrible, but the water stage is ridiculously unforgiving. -_-
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Deeper Sleep : Damn. I really wanted to play this, but it's the wrong game. -_-
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Secret of Mystery House 3: The Bastien Curse : Interesting setup, the first person environments are very well done, and the recordings are a nice touch. A little bit on the dull side though, and the top-down level design is exceedingly lazy. Had to wrestle for a few minutes on whether to give it a 3 or a 4, and sadly settled on a 3. I think they could have added a better sense of danger while exploring to liven it up a bit.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Silent Hill Room 304 : Learned the hard way that you can die in this game. Jump scare got me despite the fact that I was bracing for it. Pretty good job of capturing the spirit of Silent Hill. I'll have to give it another go sometime. XD
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Slender Mystery Forest : Hella music wowza
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Slenderman Daybreak : Still disappoints me that you cant actually win the game.
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Slender Bones Of Children 2 : Oh. This wasnt even scary. I got all seven before i even saw him or heard anything. .-.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Memento : Tricky, but fun, even if I didn't get all that far. XD
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Lonely Asylum : Eh. Not quite sure what the point of this game is. Spent most of my time collecting purple orbs and trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Pretty dull for the most part, sadly.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Killer Escape : Damn good graphics for a point and click. Almost gave up once or twice because some of the items are very well hidden, but I'm glad I stuck with it until the end. Pretty satisfying escape game. Would definitely recommend this. XD
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Kill Slender 2D : Meh. Not really all that exciting overall. Finished fairly quickly. Sound effects were decent, but then again, they did borrow them from other games according to the credits.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Ghostescape 2 The Cabin : This isn't as good as the first one. Seems too unfocused goal-wise.
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Dark Corners : Still one of my personal favorites because it could scare anyone hah.
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Anonymous Messages : Like anything similar to slender its a hard game with plenty of scares although it could be improved to run more smoothly.
  • HellaRadKawaiiCatHellaRadKawaiiCat commented on Unholy Flesh : Very boring and also very stupid now that i was able to play it, i went to poke the hooded figure and he charged at him with his torch. I said poke not attempt murder.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Escape The House Of Fear : Not as scary as it is challenging, puzzle-wise. Haven't quite finished it yet, as they really don't give you many clues on how to progress, but it's still pretty interesting nonetheless.
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Darker Ride Escape : Pretty interesting puzzles. I feel kind of silly for getting stuck though. XD
  • serialzeroserialzero commented on Deep Sleep : Scriptwelder definitely knows how to do horror. This is proof that you don't need fancy graphics to pull off an intense atmosphere. XD
  • rainbowsgoboomrainbowsgoboom commented on Minotaur Maze : Hmm interesting xD
  • Njn171Njn171 commented on Ghostescape : Awesome and fun game
  • Njn171Njn171 commented on Reddye 1000 Kills : Awesome game!

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