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Welcome to DarkHorrorGames (DHG) Online Games

DarkHorrorGames is a website devoted only to horror online games. We don't care about zombies or monsters unless they bring in the atmosphere of pure evil and a sticky sense of blood and absolute horror. Online games will give you a glimpse at what older rated console games are like.

So, what does make a horror game scary?

Online horror games are slightly more popular now because they are severely underserved in the PC and games console world. Horror games are almost none existent, since most horror premises are co-opted into action games. Apparently, hunting down aliens or genetic mutations is no longer a subject for scary games, and is just used as an excuse for another action game. There have been some scary games in the past. Silent Hill 1 and 2 were frightening, as were the early Resident Evil games, with Resident Evil 4 winning all the prizes. Dead Space has its moments, as does Manhunt.

What is so scary about horror games?

With games like Manhunt, it is probably the sheer violence. With Slender (the 3D versions), it is the creepy feeling of being followed. With the Resident evil games, it is the silent arena that makes those scary moments more shocking. Plus, most of the Resident evil games put you against increasingly difficult foes with increasingly less ammo.

Silent hill 1 and 2 were the scariest, due in part to the difficult the handle controls, the feeling of isolation, the very scary noises and music, and the general lack of visibility. Other games have tried to recreate this by not allowing the user to see the floor, but it does not recreate what Silent Hill 1 and 2 managed to achieve.

Are scary online games hit or miss?

Yes they are. But, it always seems to be the ones that show you too much that are the biggest losers. Even with a point-and-click game, if you are only shown a quick flash of possible something, then it is better than the severed head in the paper basket. The popup scary pranks in the games are okay, but they become tired for the more hardcore horror gamer. It is the ones that tease you more that are the best, such as if you click on a photo to have a closer look, and you think you see the little girl in the picture blink.

WARNING: Some images in games on this website might be disturbing for you. Yet, there is no risk or personal/emotional investment, so if you see something that you don't like, simply close the window.

UPDATE: Due to the increased interest in the escape games I decided to initiate a new project entitled Cool Escape Games, which contains not only horror but also all other types of escape games, such as house, prison and room escape

Play @ schools: Because schools are blocking access to flash gaming sites I decided to start experiment project with https: Unblocked Games - central, which hopefully avoids school servers restrictions

Dark Horror Comments

How to leave comments? Please login or register first, than go to any game page and hit 'Comments' button below the game.
  • silentloverssilentlovers commented on Geist - Escape the death game : the button... i did not thing it would do something bad...
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Escape The House Of Fear : Back playing again XD
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Escape The House Of Fear : way too addicted to this now XD
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Escape The House Of Fear : Literally 13:06. Can't believe it took me an hour XD Really good game. Don't know why I needed revenge though...
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Escape The House Of Fear : Right starting at 12:06 lemme see how long this takes me to figure out XD
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Silent Hill Room 304 : Anyone else find the cabin part a little sad??
  • MadAsAHatter03MadAsAHatter03 commented on Silent Hill Room 304 : Well... that was an unexpected ending.
  • FloraFloFloraFlo commented on Alice is Dead - Part 2 - Point and click horror game : GREAT
  • FloraFloFloraFlo commented on Silent Hill Room 304 : i dont know why but i found it a lil sad
  • JasonBergJasonBerg commented on Mental Hospital - Eastern Bloc Creepy Inspection : ....file not found... :(
  • BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD commented on Cube Escape - The Mill : look at my video :d
  • Rose_MikuRose_Miku commented on I miss you 2 : This one also sucks, but at least it's (slightly) better than the first one. But developer, you either need to stop making games or get better at making them cause this is tragic... ~Rose Miku
  • Rose_MikuRose_Miku commented on I miss you : This game actually makes me laugh. Heads up, developer, try not to make anymore games like I Miss you and I Miss You Too(2). They're terrible(LOL). ~Rose Miku
  • selwantstobtlselwantstobtl commented on Being Her Darkest Friend - Pixel Art Horror : how is everybody doing?
  • JDGhostJDGhost commented on Scary Maze Game : Ehhhh still not scared :/ still pretty cool tho
  • JDGhostJDGhost commented on The Horror House : Considering I'm not easy to scare, I didn't jump once. :/ still a good story line though
  • JDGhostJDGhost commented on Free Ice Cream - Creeepy Dude With Axe : That kid legit said "Fucking nasty cat." Bro....
  • paradoxedmindparadoxedmind commented on Forgotten Hill: Buried Things : I love forgotten hill games, they never disappoint, I hope more are coming soon! This one was amazing!
  • paradoxedmindparadoxedmind commented on Ask The Spirits 2 - Don't Mess With The Dead : Would probably be a good game if it worked, the piece that points to the letters and the yes and no just speeds around on the board instead of giving me the word. Very disappointing since there is a lot of good reviews making me want to play, hopefully this can be fixed.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Five Nights At Freddy's Part 2 : The music for this game blends beautifully with the story, concept, and art! I love how it subtly implies that something is truly wrong with the pizzeria. The animatronics give off an innocent, but cryptic vibe! I love this game so much! I honestly think that the more polished and plastic (toy) looking animatronics are more appealing and scary. Five stars!!!!!
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on HF Memento - Love Beyond : There's a typo in the title "HF" It's supposed to say FH for forgotten hill now it's just hill forgotten. ;-;
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Unholy Flesh : Oh cool! It's been so long since I've seen a text horror game! I love this!!
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Cube Escape: Birthday : In Rusty Lake's creepy point-and-click adventure Cube Escape: Birthday, also free for iOS and Android, the year is 1939, and it's your ninth birthday... at least, you think it is. Everybody at your party seems to be having a good time, but an ominous letter hints that not all is well. Click around to interact with things and move around the room, and click an item in your inventory to hide it for use. Some objects can be dragged around with the mouse, but the cursor won't change to tell you what you can interact with, so be sure to check everywhere and try everything. When you're carrying a lot of items, you can click the little white arrow that appears in the bottom right corner to expand and collapse your inventory. Don't expect a whole lot of help... like most of Rusty Lake's games, Cube Escape: Birthday is more than a little surreal, and you'll have to think outside the realm of everyday logic in order to proceed. By now, if you've played the rest of Rusty Lake's Cube Escape games, you know what to expect, which is to say something at once dreamy, weird, and unsettling if not outright nightmarish at times. Playing the game does feel like being trapped in one of those strange dreams where everything is just slightly off, and things get more twisted the farther you go, though you're the only one who seems to notice anything is wrong. Cube Escape: Birthday does a great job of making you feel off the whole time you're playing, though that otherworldly logic still occasionally gets in the way of the gameplay. A few of the items have uses that aren't even hinted at so that you wind up falling back on an "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to clicking around the area with everything in your inventory, so some puzzles could definitely have used some better nudges and hints. It has a lot of clever puzzles that become frustrating by being a little too obscure or fiddly in their mechanics. It's a shame, because when Cube Escape: Birthday gets roaring along, it's creepy, startling, and imaginative in all the right ways. Expect it to add more questions than it answers, but if you like your games dark, mysterious, and more than a little odd, Cube Escape: Birthday is as unmissable as all the rest, even if you'll need to spend some time trying to figure out what it all means.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Slender Mystery Camp 3D : This game didn't work for me, but it looks cool.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Exmortis 2 : I love this game! The visuals and back story leave you wanting to know more about it and the music is perfect! five stars!
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Alice Is Dead - Horror Flash Game By Hyptosis - Part 1 : A+A- Email Find... The ‘Alice Is Dead’ series is a dark, gritty and at times, disturbing, re-imagining of the well-known ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story though with more gang activity and less cake. There are three games in the series and all of them are free point and click adventure games available online and whilst they may all be fairly short, they’re actually pretty good. Rather than stick to the typical story of Alice falling down the rabbit’s hole and finding herself lost in Wonderland you start out with the grim sight of Alice’s decomposed corpse at the bottom of a… rabbit hole. Well, I guess half of the original story has been kept true to then. Despite a rather disappointing end to the series the games, especially the first episode, are wonderfully atmospheric and very eerie. Developer: Mike M (programming), Hyptosis (artist), Genre: Point and click, room escape Release date:14th September 2009 (Ep. 1), 13th January 2010 (Ep. 2),10th September 2010 (Ep. 3) Platforms: Free flash games ESRB: T – Teen (Rated 13+ for first episode, 17+ for the final two) Before even entering the game I was beset by some incredibly creepy music that was very 1930s and which seemed very out of place. Ok, it wasn’t actually creepy and was in fact rather lively as though it were blasting through a crackly old radio at some post-war shindig. What made the music creepy to me was the fact you were staring at a graveyard complete with a noose dangling from one of the twisted trees and a crumpled up old ‘stop sign’ on the ground. Not sure of what to expect but sufficiently disturbed I started the game to find that the sinister atmosphere had followed me in. Upon entering the game that lively, old fashioned music continued with a different tune now, one about the boogie man, only now I was looking at that fully decomposed corpse of Alice whose leg bones were quite sufficiently broken. You can examine her gruesome features closely if you like and a quick scope around the room turned up some chains hooked on the wall, a hole in the ceiling that presumably leads back up to the surface and a locked chest beside an old shovel. At this point the game began looking remarkably similar to a room escape game and as you collect items you can combine them to try and escape. After finding a rock, for instance, i snapped off one of Alice's leg bones and sharpened it with the rock. Something was telling me at this point that the game wasn't afraid of a little cynicism.True enough, the text at the bottom of the screen when you perform or attempt to perform actions was pretty humorous, if a little dark and sarcastic, and the overall tone of the game continues in this manner. The puzzles were actually a little challenging but ever unreasonably difficult especially because of the limited backtracking required. Since you tended to be confined to a few screens your options were fairly limited so you could pretty much guess your way through if you couldn't work it out through pure brainpower.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Ceasing To Be Her Demise - PixelArt Horror Adventure : [Warning: This game deals with themes that some my find extremely upsetting.] Chronerionent Entertainment's A Fragment of Her is an unsettling indie point-and-click tale about a young woman trying to impress a professor she suddenly begins to have doubts about. The sequel, Being Her Darkest Friend, steps into one of Selina's nightmares where she must solve some puzzles, discover more about herself, and find a way to wake up. This free indie point-and-click narrative comes with much more problem solving than the last, though there still is a bit of hand holding, and still carries on some great story telling in this much more unsettling game. You really need to play the first before jumping into this one, though it's much more accessible... in addition to being a free download, you can play the entire thing online! The game mechanics have altered just a bit, as items you pick up must be dragged to the person or area you want to use it on. There is a great deal more items in this game than the last, as it is a lot more adventure-y than "interactive narrative". You'll have to figure out how to solve puzzles with what you can find around in the nightmare, and what to do with the items you have been given by your stone-faced companions. Sadly, for most of solutions, the hints in the text are so obvious it will take you more time dragging the item to the right spot than thinking of the solution, but much like the last game, the story outweighs the easier gameplay. You get to see a different side of Selina in this creepy nightmare, and how she is trying to work through what happened in the last game. However, it still feels like we're just getting a small piece of the tasty storyline, as there is still so much we could delve into. Hopefully, Chronerion Entertainment has already started on the next part, and we can really feel that we have feasted instead of just sampled.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on The Deepest Sleep : The Deep Sleep trilogy is one I grew very attached to as I played it. So much so that when I got to the third part, awareness that it would soon be over (without any realistic prospect of any further installments) I slowed the fuck down in order to savor it for as long as possible.That wound up being four nights of on and off playing. It helps that the puzzles are only more devious than the prior two installments, don't expect to be cut any breaks. The beginning of this one's a bit abstract, but that's not unexpected given how part 2 ended. You'll complete some booby trapped rooms, collect gems, put them in the eye sockets of a statue, fairly standard adventure game type stuff. The bleak, droning ambiance helps maintain interest until the real meat of the game begins.If you felt part 2 was light on story, part 3 rectifies that. Even adding in a subplot about a young boy and his lost stuffed tiger. I won't say how it's resolved, only that it makes the difference which ending you get. That's right! Multiple endings! In a flash horror game, no less. That alone merits at least two playthroughs. Possibly three, depending what choice you make at the very end. It's quite difficult to talk about without spoiling anything. Rest assured, your diligence in playing through the series is richly rewarded. No simple "congratulation, a winner is you" screen to be found here. It's gratifying, and a fitting ending, but it left me distressed. Not because part three disappointed in any way, just because there will never be a part 4. Scriptwelder still makes games, but no more in this series. It seems destined to be its own little self contained trilogy, and nothing more. That's a real shame. I'd at least liked to have seen this come out for DS, or as an eshop download for 3DS. It deserves a wider audience. Laugh if you want at Flash, that's justified. Even at the typical indie low effort pixel art. But in terms of game design, and specifically horror games, this trilogy is something special.Besides a somewhat confusing and lackluster start, Deepest Sleep is a fulfilling and entirely suitable finish to an amazing series. Here's hoping it doesn't fade into obscurity, it deserves better than that. I give Deepest Sleep a 9/10.
  • spoopybirbbspoopybirbb commented on Freddy Fazbear vs Slenderman - Third Person Horror Game : It just says "The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."
  • Raiden6696Raiden6696 commented on The House 2 : attempts to download a file and never loads

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